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  1. her appearance from this recent show (11 oct 17) has changed... for the better, I'm talking about her lips. They are much smaller now, and starting to go back to the way they were before. I compared pictures from the last show with ones from previous shows to confirm my suspicions. last show: begining of 2017 Britney from the last show random "before" pictures from the tour she did in asia a few months back + a few pics from last year. Am I the only one here noticing a difference???
  2. flawless shoot, I miss the good ol' face days
  3. Britney and Janet

    I don't blame him if this is the case, half of this fandom checked out after the desert performance fiasco.
  4. Britney and Janet

    why you gotta be cryptic Jordan?? if Janet and Britney are really getting together why can't you just be straight up and tell the truth???
  5. Britney and Janet

    This performance is giving me life rn, how is this bitch 51
  6. Not Mexico!!! they are the pits when it comes to plastic surgery my friend underwent lipo there and suffered bacterial infection.
  7. yeah, Courtney dissolved the Juvederm in her lips, in her case the results were instantaneous, but I feel like with Britney they're wearing off gradually, that usually happens when you stop getting touch-ups. here's to hoping she stops for good.