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  1. 1 hour ago, Million Billion said:

    It seems like her latest appearances and performances have helped Slave to increase its views, I honestly never realized it increased so much and so fast.

    I don't know if Vevo still gives certifications for the 100 million views since our current standars have been changing these last years. But anyway, play it:


    OMG! I was scrolling down the comment section and this comment:

    Todas la mujeres quieren ese cuerpo ,Todos los hombre también para diferentes usos XD
    All women wanted that body as well as men, for different purposes XD :hype:
    Surprisingly after almost 20 years, she got back that fit and toned body. Can't believe we haven't had any proper music video where she shows in it's 100% her new fit body. 

    I think this translation is better

    Every woman wants her body, as well as men who wants it but for different purposes.