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  1. The only pressedT thing on here is you, babe. I don't care about them barbs or anything related to them, or especially with Missy. I'm just enjoying some of Minaj songs and I come here for those pressed lame asses that are showing hate to Nicki.... because of what? By stating facts? Come on, even if she was wrong what's their problem? Girl is having the time of her life because YES she's THE Queen, YES she has ZERO competition, YES she >>>> that pressed Lil Kim being a desperate hoe cause Nicki and her team didn't call her to stand by Nicki's side! She can f**k OFF, she was a fucking flop even before! The only thing she has is that she was the first female MC among them moguls!
  2. So a trash bitch as Gaga can go country roots inspired, but when Nicki Minaj goes pop she's a fraud? No, bitch, the only fraud right here is Remy sh!t Ma by rapping LIES for 7 minutes. What a lame bitch, where she at right now?
  3. Did she lie tho? Like her or not, she has zero competition! Lil Kim ain't a threat anymore, never been tho!