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    Denise reacted to CristMont in I MET BRITNEY! + Photo & Video   
    Best M&G picture ever OMG 
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    Denise reacted to resky in "I didn't think he was gonna go on Barbara Walters and sell me out"   
    On one hand i really agree, and personally i don't care about her dates as long as she's happy (and she seems happy with Sam!)
    but kill me - i still don't get Justin's songs.
    I laughed at first when i was told about it, but i must admit - there're many references to Britney in his music that sometimes i feel that ignoring that it's as delusional as acknowledging them.
    sorry. fifteen yeas. and i don't care about her dates. but i still don't get the songs.
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    Denise reacted to PieceOfT in What do you think of wearing this shirt @ her M&G   
    I agree!  Her fans remember more of her career and iconic moments than she does (most likely)
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    Denise reacted to Pedro Dantas in What do you think of wearing this shirt @ her M&G   
    Actual footage of that M&G:

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    Denise reacted to BritintheZone in What do you think of wearing this shirt @ her M&G   
    I thought you were going to say something like 

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    Denise reacted to troubleguy in Promo for Picassoney on Ellen’s Instagram   
    i need more ellen + brit  halloween is coming so plz do somethin funny again 
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    Denise reacted to $elfish in Remember When Hitler went off on Britney's Residency?   
     this is too funny omfg 
    i hope someone makes an updated version
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    Denise reacted to Dune in do you think her instagram changed her image?   
    It's good to see her being herself and posting whatever she wants, being personal. At least we have one thing that is not fully managed by her record label, Larry etc 
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    Denise reacted to ifuseekari in do you think her instagram changed her image?   
    I like how she's not trying too hard to look good like most celebs. You can tell that she doesn't care about the likes or the amount of followers. She just cares about what she loves and is just having fun. 
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    Denise reacted to WilderWein in do you think her instagram changed her image?   
    i think the only people that dislike her insta are materialistic shallow people who want her to show off money, fur, expensive stuff, professional photoshoots, selfies where she looks like a barbie. I prefer the insta she actually has; human, shows "flaws", humble, cute, and genuine. when I look at Beyonce's page, or rihanna or j.lo, i just get annoyed by the dead animals, superficial, materialistic crap I see. and also; rihanna's behaviour and way of talking, cant imagine how people can be around that for more than a minute a day. 
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    Denise reacted to Sh0wD0wn in do you think her instagram changed her image?   
    I think it changed her image, but for the better! 
    I think people really appreciate seeing her just posting positive quotes and how much fun she had at Disneyland with her kids. She's very humble and I definitely think that comes across on her Instagram.
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    Denise reacted to 3Pney in Pink Says She Was "Never As Big As Britney Or Christina"   
    even becky g is way more popular than xtina.

    everyone is bigger than her. 

    pink should not be worried about xtina 
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    Denise reacted to MaPlayz in "My family just always walked around the house naked. We were earthy people"   
    OMG this article made me laugh so fucking much You can see how damn frustrated the interviewer was with what she was saying haha. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE how at the end (s)he really didn't know and couldn't figure out whether Britney was a genius existentialist or a hopeless case.
    Imagine you're sitting in a room with Britney and the walls are bright red.
    You: Britney, why did you paint the walls red?
    Britney: I didn't paint them red. They're not red.
    You: Yes, they're red. I mean, look at them, they're freaking bright red.
    Britney: You know, it's cool. I know people will think the wall is red but I just see it as this inspirational thing, you know.
    You: Huh?
    Britney: It's like they WANT the wall to be red, but it's not?! I mean I get it but I also don't get it - why does the wall HAVE to be red? It's not all that serious, you know? The wall is just there to inspire people. Like, empower them in a way when they come through the door.
    You: That's great, but just admit it's red.
    Britney: That's your perception of it. You have a perception, I have one. Everybody has one, it's cool, you know what I'm saying?
    You: No, not at all.
    Britney: That's cool.
    I can't help myself ... I just love her too damn much
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    Denise reacted to Nando. in There is a “J” and a “P” in Someday music video   
    My love, did you watch the take like i told you? There is a light in the shape of a letter. Idc if its a J or not, of course she didnt put a J for jayden there on purpose, but you cant deny there’s a shape right in the middle of the screen. And I believe its a J. So lighten up.
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    Denise reacted to puppylo16 in Britney Spears Reflects On 'Blackout': "I Just Did What I Felt And It Worked"   
    Yet again all the negative people calling her lazy and unmotivated and that it's the producers that did all the work. She has always been simple with her answers and she rarely describes her work. She sought out these people, she chose the songs, everyone who worked on it said she was very dedicated to the work despite her personal problems, I mean if she really didn't care then the album wouldn't be so urban and electro sounding, probably be basic pop. It's the first time she didn't have the label or Larry brreathing down her neck so she was able to explore new sounds and feel free to make any music she wants, no questions asked. Give the girl some credit. Everyone else did except people here. Britney was highly involved in ITZ and Glory which are fan favorites so why are people saying she should not be so involved in the album process and just let the producers do the work. Its not like she's gonna cut up the songs like her costumes, we all know she doesn't have good fashion taste but this woman  has the best music taste and her musical instincts are always spot on which is why she has so many hits. 
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    Denise got a reaction from CristMont in Whaaaaaat?   
    Don't say that sis 
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    Denise got a reaction from CristMont in Whaaaaaat?   
    Don't say that sis 
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    Denise reacted to Million Billion in Whaaaaaat?   
    Fantasy within a fantasy - the NEW fragrance 
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    Denise reacted to Cappycorn87 in Do you think Britney will ever work again with Joseph Kahn?   
    There are other directors out there
    Moving along
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    Denise reacted to BRING THE NOISE in Britney Preps For The 2028 Olympics With High-Flying Gymnastics Practice   
    She has all that flexibility but her choreos are shitty, why britney why 
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    Denise reacted to MikeLuvsBritney in Britney Preps For The 2028 Olympics With High-Flying Gymnastics Practice   
    It's awesome seeing she can do some backflips without assistance still.
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    Denise reacted to IUSAtonight in Brit and family celebrating with SP and JJ (new?)   
    I so want to eat cake right now 
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    Denise reacted to JustLuvMe in New Insta (sons' birthdays)   
    Jayden was recreating this iconic scene