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  1. https://www.google.ro/amp/www.refinery29.com/amp/2017/08/169910/north-west-interview-magazine


    Sean and Jayden asked North about her pop culture preferences, something all of us we're dying to know, I am sure. Her favorite television show is Nick Jr's Shimmer and Shine, which is about young genies in training. She also revealed that Jasmine, from Aladdin, is her favorite Disney princess. Just in case that doesn't prove her impeccable taste, we also found out that the song she loves listening to most right now is "Amazing" by her dad, Kayne West




  2. 16 minutes ago, DoSomething954 said:

    Him and Cameron haven't spent decades avoiding each other and did not have the history or chemistry him and Britney do. Totally different imo. And that movie in 2011 right? He wasn't married yet and him and Jessica had broken up in 2011. 

    This is one of the greatest mysteries... why they avoid each other without reason