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  1. 2 hours ago, chizwhiz said:

    The house was gutted and remodelled after Bm died. If you search it online it's completely different, all glass walls etc. It had substantial mould damage that they said made Brittany Murphy sick. 

    Not sure if the mould was there when Britney was living there.

    maybe now looks different but If I remember her mom can't sell it....


    I don't think the mould was there when Britney was living in that house... Thanks God she sold it.. but poor Brittany and her husband .... they were amazing :crying1:

  2. 14 minutes ago, OxygenBabe said:

    Hold on, so Britney sold her house to Brittany Murphy?? I read they died because of a kind of mold spores which were found in the house! :lostney: 

    yep, she sold her house to Brittany.... and the creepiest thing is that Britney sold to Brittany all her furniture.. Brittany was very excited because the furniture was amazing, even Justin blue piano was in that house.. Brittany never wanted to change the furniture, and I think some pieces of the furniture are still in the house... Brittany's mom told that to the press. :ohdear:

  3. 7 minutes ago, playmbl said:

    I really think that you're not going to have any problem tomorrow getting tickets (and I hope so). Regarding presales, when you first enter the page it will probably warn you that there are no tickets available, but don't leave the page, keep on updating the web and eventually you should see some tickets available. I've been like an hour updating mine till the two I bought appeared. Do the same tomorrow in the case you don't see available tickets at first attempt. That is because when you start purchasing tickets they're reserved to you for a limited period of time and if you don't complete the purchase in time, they return to be available for everyone else to buy them. So, you may think that there are no tickets and suddenly some could appear.
    But, maybe for today, presale tickets are sold out. In this case, I wish you lots of luck for tomorrow! :sendinglove:

    thank you so much sweetheart :sendinglove:

  4. 26 minutes ago, playmbl said:

    Eventually, I've just bought two tickets on presale, because they were at Block 111 in one of the lower rows. So I thought there were good seats and bought them (based on the seating plan in the web, since I've never been into the O2). I was going to wait for tomorrow and try to get floor ones, but Exhale scared me :shake:

    Now I'm going to have a beautiful 30-pound Britney t-shirt (that comes with the tour club membership)  :pieceofwhat: Is it supposed to arrive by mail with the tickets? Do I have the opportunity to choose size at least? Thanks for your answers. :kisses:

    I don't know sis but I'm scared.. I wanted to buy 2 tickets in Berlin, it's sold out...  now I'm waiting till tomorrow for London, I can't buy tickets on presale, I dont know why :kyliecry:

  5. 1 hour ago, playmbl said:

    There's something I don't understand about ticket sales for the O2 London concert... I'd like to buy two tickets (for me and my boy) but general sales starts TOMORROW (27th) at 10:00 AM GMT.

    If I go to britneyspears.com now, I can see that there are tickets on presale with the 'tour club membership', but not specially good seats. So, my doubt is: are the presale tickets supposed to be the best available? Or tomorrow, when general sales begin at 10:00, will there be better seats?

    I think that they normally save some tickets to do the presale promotions, but they're not necessarily the best seats. So, in conclusion, I don't know if it would be better to buy the tickets that are available now or wait for the general sale tomorrow. :umsaywhat:

    this is my question also.... but tbh I'm waiting till tomorrow... presale doesnt mean all the tickets