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  1. and then she said "it was just a lot of talk"
  2. she said "I wanted to believe THAT THE FIRST PERSON YOU'RE WITH.... I wanted a fairytale, a beautiful fairytale... BUT THEN, THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN... this is your life right now... SO I DON'T BELIEVE IN FAIRYTALES ANYMORE"
  3. I've read the book and she never wrote that, those articles were false, stupid media... Lynne wrote that Justin was her first true love, and she is happy that they will collab again... But I remember that conversation with Kevin from Chaotic when she was visibly sad and she was talking about her past, That's why I believe that she never lied about this subject
  4. noo, she never said that... she lost her virginity at 18, even in Chaotic she said that
  5. the boys know him, for sure they saw the pictures from MMC, the private pictures with Britney and Justin, but I don't think they know that their mommy and Justin were a couple, I think they know that Justin was a mommy's friend
  6. THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. no, but he's nominated for Can't stop the feeling
  8. no, she'll not gonna perform, Pussified will be there this year, it's his turn this year