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  1. Aren't my words.. the people from this industry have said it
  2. Poor girl, she is maintaining the whole family... she never had a rich husband or boyfriend to give her money like everybody in this industry does
  3. Her worth net is around $300-400 mil... for sure... Sis, Beyonce and Jay Z official have 1 billion dollars
  4. Exactly baby, no wonder why in these days she protects herself
  5. BFF to quote Jessica "life is too short to.... not be friend with the queen"
  6. Britney is nowhere to be seen? What are you talking about sis? She is feeding horses
  7. Tbh I'm very excited each time she does something
  8. Why ia everybody talking about chaotic?
  9. Thanks sweetie, I don't like Chaotic.. it gives me bad vibes she was trying so hard to look happy
  10. She was really relaxed and I loved that
  11. Did she really say that? How can she say that if she never was married before Kevin? Well, you will say that she was married with that motherfucker but that wasn't a true marriage