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  1. We would've had another iconic performance.
  2. There's really no point in trend hopping at all. She's a woman over 30 and the radio was never on her side sans Femme Fatale. They aren't going to play her stuff anyway so they need to focus on building her streaming up. I think she needs to stick with her performing style i.e. dancing, big choreography, etc and improve it to Britney/ITZ era. She was very authentic in those eras without trying and she needs to make good music. I don't care about the genre but whatever she does she needs to give it 1000 percent.
  3. How about they nominate her for awards that she deserves?
  4. I love that iconic picture.
  5. I really don't understand why they try to erase the existence of the solo version of Slumber Party. It's just weird and dumb. Her mid tempo performances are actually her best during POM.
  6. Billboard likes to pretend they care about music beyond the US and/or highly successful mainstream artists. They've turned into a cheap music blog that just happens to do charting.