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  1. Selena Gomez is the new Britney.

    I never understand why they pick people who have nothing in common with Britney to be her successor as if they'll get one anyway. She doesn't dance so she's automatically out without going any further. Britney's vocals are much better ie magic in the studio that fits any pop track out there and she already had an iconic career as a teenager. Selena has been in the industry for years and the most memorable thing about her is dating Justin Bieber. Britney was also controversial, charismatic, and everywhere at once. People were obsessed with Britney the person and Britney the performer. Selena is basically what Hilary Duff would've been if she kept up with music and Lizzie McGuire.

    She always sings live though.
  3. The 100 Best Deep Cuts by 21st Century Pop Stars: Critics' Picks

    It should've been an interlude rather than a full track. It's fine for an album track but not necessary or particularly interesting. Blur and Unusual You were better choices from Circus. Overall the Britney songs they chose were disappointing.
  4. I hope this is true. A poster on ONTD said that Britney was going to be making some changes and that she had more control than we think so this could be right on the money. Insert you'll have to wait and see gifs everywhere lol.