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  1. Favorite 5 Britney concert moments

    1. Circus tour entrance 2. DWADT Boys breakdown 3. OHT BOM when she puts her hands on top of bed and dancer is stimulating oral sex 4. POM BTI breakdown 5. Circus tour POM performance when she dance in cage P.S. these are just some random top 5 moments, there are plenty of great ones. P.S.S. I'm to lazy to find gifs.
  2. I have just had a thought!

    She is obviously aware of bad critics regarding to her performances too, but I'm very much sure she won't change it. She is dancing this ways for almost 10 years, so or she is very unprofessional and rude or she has some issues that makes her dance stiff. But again she won't change it..

    I think it was for her LV show promo back in 2013 and they used it for the magazine cover too
  4. I will sh!t and pee my pants if she ever repeat and slay this choreography again.
  5. Are you sad that Perfume didn't take off?

    I never liked that song, there is something too cheesy in it for my taste.

    It was also used for some shitty magazine cover, Las Vegas time or something like that.
  7. Surprise drop B10 lead

    We all want that, and we are waiting for it for almost 10 years. Now, I'm just waiting her new step, if I don't like it I'm out, because I'm so tired of her laziness.
  8. Surprise drop B10 lead

    No, she should make surprise performance at VMAs, slay it. And then next week realize the MV, so in that way the hype will continue
  9. Remember when

    58M views, slay
  10. It's really nice, finally something professionally done.
  11. Obviously, if she ever do collaboration again it should be with some big name
  12. I believe it was 100% live, just find good video on YouTube. And of course it was scripted, she planned to do this for her next show, even Jordan told us one day before that she will sing it live.