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  1. I hope she'll visit Jerusalem, it's such magical place for soul
  2. In my opinion MATM is on of the most fierce MVs that she made. But I also like that one
  3. Well somebody will definitely come one day I don't wait for that, I just enjoy music The only music that I ever bought is Britney's music
  4. I don't know, I only follow Britney and I really don't listen other music then one on radio. But I know some young people/kids and they are obsessed with Beyonce. And I see that she's always in media in some nice connotation. But maybe I'm wrong, I don't know..
  5. Haha I'm so happy that she's enjoying Asia. I always felt that she has so much money, but only spend her time in LA-LV-LO- Hawaii. I hope she travel more and explore the world Enjoy Britney
  6. OMG she's not ethnic food person haha! She should at least lie that their food is great haha But then again didn't she posted a photo of rise few days ago? Only Britney.
  7. I think she was always spiritual person.
  8. I was happy because I liked song and she looked healthier and in better place. I remember back then, a lot of girls in my town wore t-shirts where was written 'you want a piece of me?'
  9. That's such a great performance, I always loved it.