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  1. The irony of you going out of your way to insult all of us to defend Britney from some very valid criticisms, when from day one our girl has preached kindness and loving others and walking through their shoes. :britclose: 

    She would be DISGUSTED at some of the things you have said to us in this thread. Absolutely REPULSED. :byebitch: Also, do you honestly think quoting and referencing Britney's "edgy lines" like the Weight Watchers one makes you cool? :squintney: No bitch, it's tacky and forced, your posts read like that of a 12 year old, which if you are, go the f**k to bed, bitch. :icant2: 

    How about you do us ALL a favor and go sit in the corner and think about what you've done today? :lessons: 

  2. 51 minutes ago, nwonder said:

    She's actually referring to her dog London who mysteriously disappeared around that time .


    if you listen carefully you hear him bark during the phone convo.


    Justiceforlondon. poor bubba







    I didn't hear any barking? :huh: 

    And I never knew her dog went missing, that's so sad... :( 

  3. She never mentions romantic love, nor does she sing about sex.

    She sings about being deserted by her "Baby Boy" for another woman and the song's official title is "Untitled Lullaby". Why would you be singing a lullaby to an ex? :omg: 

    Theory time: This song is about a mother worrying that her son will prefer his stepmother over her, OR THE CREEPY THEORY; it's about a mother who feels abandoned and betrayed by her son after he gets his first girlfriend. :umomg: 

    For real, go look up the lyrics. It all fits. The only lyric that's even vaguely sexual is "can I get some?" but the full line is "Oh sweet love. Can I get some?" obviously talking about wanting the Baby Boy's love. :lessons: And even the spoken part doesn't contradict this since we don't hear the other side of the conversation, and she only calls him "baby" (which we know Britney does with her sons in real life) and tells him "I love you too" (which of course a son would say to his mother).

    I figured it out! :imcute: 



    Edit: I forgot my major point. It's creepy because of the very last line; "If you prefer the other one, she won't give you the sun." If you're telling your son that you're the only woman who will ever love him, that is creepy and emotionally manipulative AS f**k. :umomg: 

  4. 1 hour ago, BreatheOnMoi said:

    Even saying she "could" go back to BOMT already shows some type of expectation on your behalf. Britney is forever compared to herself "BEFORE" to where she is now. That type of expectation could stress anyone out no matter how simple it may appear to you, its a different story for her. :outwithit:

    Yes, the expectation that she should be able to keep up with simple tap dance routines, some shimmies, and everything else Britney did in "Live In Hawaii" aside from the handstands. No one expects Onyxney touching her heel to her nose again, but at least Babyney.

  5. 2 hours ago, BreatheOnMoi said:

    id drive myself fucken crazy if I ever thought I had to recreate them somehow to please my fans. 

    No one's saying that, though. :whitney: Hell, she could go back to BOMT levels of performance (her "weakest" from her prime) and still slay Current Britney 12 times over with her Z-list stripper moves and hooker clothes.