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Status Updates posted by BrittonJeanSpears

  1. You're so fucking pretty. :thirsty: 

  2. Jordan, can you please fix whatever bug is causing the site to block any attempts at editing threads? I have a thread that I'll need to be updating on a (hopefully) regular basis and it won't let me edit.

  3. I don't know why everyone's all of a sudden bugging you on a 12 year old profile you probably never use anymore, but hi, Britney. Continue doing whatever makes you happy. You are blessed, you are loved and we will always be here.

  4. This is the realest thing I've seen all day lol


  5. Oh, joy... Taylor Swift is once again being a complete kunt to everyone in the music industry. Shocking.

  6. I haven't gotten my d*ck sucked since Christmas. God damn it.

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    2. BrittonJeanSpears


      I don't do hook-ups and I don't exactly have a line of suitors outside my door. :crying11: 

    3. SlayOut


      Yeah I don't do hookups either! :urite: But when I'm feeling in heat I just trust the touch of my hand! :TOMH:

    4. BrittonJeanSpears


      After 10 years of jacking off multiple times a day, masturbation just don't cut it anymore. :crying2: 

  7. Me whenever I listen to one of Britney's VMA performances in my room.


  8. Why are you so pretty? :thirsty: 

  9. Miranda Cosgrove was just arrested for prostitution, Drake and Josh are no longer speaking, and Josh is married... :crying2: The world has ended, y'all.

  10. @CashmereCat Nina, can you pretty please add more CryingNey emotes? :crying1::crying4::crying2::crying11:

    1. CashmereCat


      Which ones?  

    2. BrittonJeanSpears


      Any of these classics would be fine. :) 





  11. Yeah... Totally not creepy to log in here and find 31 notifications from the same person upvoting my posts from 2013. :eheeek:

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    2. Damsel in Distress

      Damsel in Distress

      I KNOW! Everytime I get notifications from him it freaks me out. :ugh:

    3. BritneyJeanSpearsOfficial


      Fucking wokeuplikethis downvoted me on my flawless  respond on a topic. So he needs to wakeuphispenis like asap if he wants to get a boyfriend/girlfriend :mhm:  :shadelaugh: 

    4. IUSAtonight


      :awww: you have your own exhale stalker

  12. I've really been fucking feeling Shakira lately. Never realized I've been listening to her music my whole life. :unbelievableney:

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    2. reecejwilson


      Natural beauty could lie within her genes :gimmemoar:

    3. IUSAtonight


      La tortura is a bop :madance: 

    4. Applejack


      i miss when she used to have her guns n roses t-shirts :lessons:

      and her spanish albums before selling her soul to the american capitalist satan :pieceofwhat:

  13. Why the f**k can't I find my iconic "American Horror Story: Exhale Edition" thread? :meltdown: I wanted to read about @Goten21 murdering all of Exhale, and forcing me along for the ride so we could frame people... :staysalty:

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    2. $elfish


      @falka I don't know I can't find any threads before 2016 and when I asked someone said they were archived:rude2me:

    3. BrittonJeanSpears


      Threads from General, Introductions or Celebritney (which is now Breaking Music News) weren't archived. Only BSN threads were.

      And these archives are hidden. They may have been deleted. Let me ask a mod to see if they know. @CashmereCat can you help clarify, sis? I'm so confused. :selenerz: 

    4. falka


      Looks like it was locked or deleted, just like some people :howiroll:wanted to delete  Britney from GP mind. Oldest I could see is this ;

  14. I want my d*ck sucked and my hole fucked tbh :queenflopga: 

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    2. BritneyJeanSpearsOfficial
    3. BrittonJeanSpears


      @TheVirtuoso I am nothing if not the Kween of Relatability.

    4. TheVirtuoso


      Slay tbh, when will Brnny? :bop: 

  15. Bitches are trying me today and I've only been awake for an hour. Ridiculous.

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    2. BritneyJeanSpearsOfficial


      I KNOW how that feels


      Knock them down Putana 


    3. BrittonJeanSpears


      Oh, I already dragged some bitches and I got my scalping tools ready.

    4. BritneyJeanSpearsOfficial
  16. I don't stan her, 'cause she's a bitch, but I unapologetically love Katy Perry's singles. I know I'm a basic white bitch. If I could afford Uggs, I'd be wearing a pair. And I have Starbucks in my fridge. Deal with it. :liberatedaf:

    1. Dirty Boy

      Dirty Boy

      Same here. People can kiss my basic white ass. :queenflopga:

  17. The only thing that should come out of the BritneyBBHMM scandal is us all making double sure that the Exhalers we follow on social media are legit people. :queenflopga: Don't let yourselves be fooled, y'all.

  18. @Britneybbhmm Bitch... Since we were always cool, if you want to explain yourself without having someone judge you (I mean... I'll call you stupid as f**k for stealing someone's identity, but I'll TRY to understand your motivation), PM me and then I'll relay your words to everyone. I want to be involved in the drama that I so obviously missed. :queenflopga: But, bitch... You sure picked a fine ass man to impersonate, I'll give you that much.

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    2. BrittonJeanSpears


      Bitch go to the Justney thread with 20 pages. 18 of them are devoted to this drama. :milkney: And PM me more shirtless pics. ;)

    3. SexyJeans


      What the hell happened?? this is scary

      If anyone could PM the details I missed that would be great

      Oh nvm went to the thread

    4. Applejack


      he was so nice smh

  19. I'm low-key mad that Britney doesn't have any songs that start with "V", "X" or "Z". I need my Britney ABC's completed lol

  20. Can the size limits for our AVI's be expanded a bit? I always have to use shitty looking GIFs in order to meet the standards. @NotAPassenger

    1. Dirty Boy

      Dirty Boy

      is that markiplier in your gif? why not post an avi of him shirtless :hipney:

    2. BrittonJeanSpears


      That's not Markiplier, that's Darkiplier... And he's not that innocent.


  21. @OliviaPope Sis, I need your help. :crying1: How do you get over a broken heart? :crying2: 

  22. I hate men so goddamn much. I wish I was dead.

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    2. korralations


      Men, frankly, can suck my fucking toe  :tbh:

    3. BrittonJeanSpears


      Thanks, guys. :crying1: It's just that my ex broke up with me two months ago. We still live together, so obviously I've been trying to win him back. It just finally hit me last night that it's not happening. So I'm going to talk to him tonight and get everything off my chest... And then I'm leaving. I'm not going to sit here and let myself be hurt any more.

    4. JustLuvMe


      Tell him how you feel, really let him have it :gobaby:

  23. When was TWYTM released? On its Italian Wikipedia page, it says January 20, 2003. But on its only other Wikipedia page, it says released in 2002. You're the person who knows the most about this single, so I need ya help sis.

    1. Larry Stylinson

      Larry Stylinson

      yas. january 2003 :tiffhair: 

      what is you doing about twytm? :slayney:

    2. BrittonJeanSpears


      I'm making a wiki with all the information about Britney's discography. :queenflopga: 

    3. Larry Stylinson

      Larry Stylinson

      sléi a bité :forkit: