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  1. If they ever do another remix album

    If they do another remix album, it's going to be playing catch up, since both of the prior ones introduced brand-new remixes. BITM didn't hit every song from BOMT-ITZ, but it did hit the major ones (Baby, Slave, Toxic). BITM2 also hit the major ones (GM, POM Womanizer, Circus, POM, HIAM, TTWE, IWG and Criminal) but we still don't have new Oops, Lucky, Crazy, Overprotected or Do Somethin' remixes. And we still have to get WB, Perfume, PG, MM and SP remixes. That's 10 singles that should be remixed for the next album (and hopefully a new take on ATWK could be included as well). I think they could do that and throw in some remixes for the classics like Baby, Slave, Toxic and GM. That'd be 15 new remixes. And any new GH album still has to collect HIAM, TTWE, IWG, Criminal, OLL, WB, Perfume, PG, MM and SP. 10 new songs, and that's if you don't include S&M, S&S and TD, which would be 13.
  2. Anyone remember her 55 hour marriage?

    I was 10 and I didn't even become a fan until I was 16. Literally between the Oops and Femme Fatale eras, all I heard people talk about about was her divorce in 2006, and the VMAs in 2007. But to be fair, Jason Alexander is fucking hot, I can see why Britney married him. He's tall, he's got that square jaw, and nowadays he's even a boxer or some sh!t, so he's BUILT. She better have ridden that d*ck long and hard, honestly.
  3. I MET BRITNEY! + Photo & Video

    This one is amazing, but the best one IMO is still that one from New Year's 2013 where she blew the fan a kiss and had the peek-a-boo hairstyle from the 1940's with her crusty ass wig. She looked so fierce and hot and like Jessica Rabbit.
  4. Britney Spears: Unzipped (2003 Doc)

    Wait, what?
  5. I will never get over the fact that the Teletubbie is just gawking at Britney's titties lol
  6. I did have all of her songs sectioned off in a huge note with all the song titles, had them split up thematically. Innocence, Force of Nature, Tragedy, Urban, Media Darkness, Love, Sex, and Dancepocalypse. But I think instead of splitting them up by "theme", I want to just throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. Find those songs that fit great together, regardless of theme or genre, and mash them up, and then find something to connect to that and then just keep connecting, like a puzzle. Y'know? I definitely want to do the Telephone/Phonography/Don't Hang Up mash-up and the Pretty Girls/Boys/Get Naked/I'm A Slave 4 U/Get It mash-up, though. (In fact, back when I still had the songs sectioned out, the Boys/Get Naked mash-up would have been the bridge between the sex songs and the dark songs, so we could probably still do the genres if it's important enough to you. Though Slave and Pretty Girls are both in the urban category, while Get It and the rest of the leaked/unreleased/promotional songs are still uncategorized.) Edit: I've successfully sectioned off every song into thematic groupings if this is something that would be better.
  7. Thank you! I messaged Neemz, and didn't get an answer, and I did not know about Delicious Pork Chops. Hopefully they look at this and agree to help. And yes, you did agree to help me, and I totally forgot. Thanks for reminding me, sis. It's over 200 songs. I highly doubt a 20 second appearance by Telephone or Tilt Ya Head Back will throw them off. Hell, they'll probably assume she did a cover considering 20 of the other songs are covers (The Beat Goes On, I Can't Get No Satisfaction, I Love Rock N Roll, My Prerogative, Burning Up, Out From Under, etc.) or samples (Just Let Me Go, Guilty, Everybody, etc.). And every song will be included so every song will have its turn to shine. Also, f**k the GP. This is for US. And for Britney if she hears it. Looks like I have some volunteers after all. But yeah, if there's any two songs you thought would sound great together, now's the time to speak up. They'll be turned into an Eargasm S'more.
  8. I know nothing about music mixing, hun. But since nobody wants to help me (trust me, I asked around), I have to do it all by myself and it's going to be a fucking mess.
  9. Justin Bieber’s Torso Is Now Entirely Covered In Tattoos

    @Breathe on me u toxicbitch I guess we know what your bathroom looks like if you think his bathroom is clean. Right @BoyToySoldier?
  10. Because this is not about Britney. Well, not entirely. I couldn't care less if Britney ever performs at the Superbowl because she sucks ass right now and we know this. What I do care about is that this racist woman hater is continuing to rise and rise in his career while building himself up on the accomplishments of blacks and women that he has trampled on.
  11. You're so fucking pretty. :thirsty: 

  12. FUCKING GOOD. Outside of the blacks and gays and assorted pop fans, most people don't know the kind of asshole he truly is.
  13. Really, guys? NONE of you want to help design the megamix?