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  1. I have no idea why Danny was banned. I just know his biggest controversy (the "not really a med student" expose which turned out to be fake) and his infamous GIF.
  2. No I mean can you give me context? And OLD?
  3. I've heard she's still deep into the drugs, tbh
  4. Glory was amazing but it was Revival 2.0, let's not kid ourselves. She was copying Selma of all people.
  5. Because she's not playing Penniwise in the It remake.
  6. ???
  7. She was flaw-free. Last time we got pantsney for an entire tour.
  8. The problem is when she looks like she got out of bed and applied some clown make-up.
  9. I'm happy both Britney and LiLo got out of that and got better. Fingers crossed for Paris so Britney's team will let them hang out again.
  10. OMG STILL?! Can he just own up to his bullshit and post ANYTHING?
  11. How shocking. Why am I not surprised, considering this was 100% her doing? Right @CashmereCat @cheri