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  1. Something Like This for Her Anniversary?

    Look at how good you are with video. Audio should be a piece of cake.
  2. Did team Britney ever do the right things?

    If I remember correctly, Ryan Seacrest premiered "Gasoline" on his radio show in December with the official announcement that it was the 5th single. That's why it was the song in Fantasy Twist's commercial. But it never got a video, never got sent to radios, nothing happened with it.
  3. Did team Britney ever do the right things?

    They stopped doing everything right when Johnny Wright left in 2003 after picking sides in the Justney break-up (he managed both of them, and he still manages JT to this day). However, Britney stopped having success in 2013, when Adam Leber left to manage Miley Cyrus. The past four years of Britney's career, Piece of Me, Britney Jean, Glory, The Intimate Collection, Pretty Girls, Tom's Diner... All of that has been 100% Larry Rudolph. So take from that what you will.
  4. Bitch, where have you been?
  5. A retirement can be permanent OR temporary, Crappy Bots4Brains. It's the same thing as a hiatus. She temporarily retired after "Britney", to take a break. Or that's what she planned on. As we know now, she eventually hit the studio shortly after and crafted "In The Zone". She then retired again, also temporarily, after "In The Zone" to get married, start a family and originally, to heal her shattered leg. She came back three years later with Blackout and her breakdown. After the Circus tour ended, we got a year long hiatus during 2010. Even then, she appeared on Glee.
  6. Something Like This for Her Anniversary?

    Like a brand-new, never before heard megamix? Or one that's already floating around? 'Cause the DJ Luke one from last year is everything. (But newer is always better so go for it and make your own tbh)
  7. [POLL] The most annoying move on POM?

    Only the "then and now" dance comparisons.
  8. [POLL] The most annoying move on POM?

    Watch this iconic compilation.
  9. I mean, outside of the Maluma collab and La Mordidita, he hasn't really put out that much music in recent times and definitely not anything that's smashed. He's been focusing more on his philanthropic stuff with Hurricane Maria, while also starring in that Versace show. And don't forget, Ricky's not an American artist like Britney. Britney, while also having massive international appeal, is mostly American in her fanbase. Ricky's fame comes mostly from... Well, everywhere else honestly. North America is the only place where he doesn't sell well, so I'm not shocked if his residency isn't selling out. If this was in Asia, South America or even Australia, he'd be selling out. They love him in China, he's famous in Australia thanks to The Voice Australia, and of course he's famous in South America.
  10. Why so much hate for My Baby?

    My condolences to both of you.