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  1. Out of all the things to get promo

    how to put other persons face on that video does anybody knows (if it's easy to do)? we can make it more viral then.
  2. What is Britney's best performance...

    1) Baby One More Time & Crazy Live EMA 1999 2) SLAVE - VMA 3) DWADT - ALL THE PERFORMANCES WHERE INCREDIBLE; 4) Stronger - AMA; 5) Me against the music TRL/ NFL LIVE PERFOMANCES I CAN WATCH THEM OVER AND OVER AGAIN ANYTIME p.s. there are more of course but this ones comes to my mind in the first case
  3. Tbh i want an angry britney album

    Imagine this songs not to existed before and they would be in B10: 1) Rockstar (Lead single) 2) If you Seek Amy; 3) Piece Of Me; 4) Overprotected (this time the song is more suitable ); 5) Kill The lights (she really killed the tho ); 6) Mona Lisa; 7) Rebellion; 8) Stronger; 9) What's is like to be me; 10) My Prerogative; 11) I've just begun; 12) Womanizer; 13) I wanna go; 14) Liar; Bonus tracks: Dramatic; Look Who's Talking Now; She'll Never Be Me; When I say so. It would be a masterpiece... I want that to happen tbh