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  1. [POLL] The most annoying move on POM?

    The point is that she doesn't wait, she just rushes to drink her water I guess
  2. WELCOME TO THE 'MOST ANNOYING MOVES ON POM' THREAD Vote. Discuss. Propose your ideas if I haven't included something. If you have gifs for these moves please post them and I will update the thread with them so as the exhalers know what the moves look like. ADHD arms and hands moves & Quick head tilt: Knee bending: Fixing hair: Half-assed hairflips: A few steps forward and backward just to fill the time: Waving to the dancers: Knee tapping in Make Me: Slow moves during Do Somethin' (they could be done in one second but she did them like 10 seconds just to fill the time): Sneaking around in Toxic: Butt wipping: Boys moves: Breast explosion: Fixing the outfit: The "shocked" face: Half-assing moves that ruin the SP choreo: Forgetting where to go: Childish butt shakes: Swing moves:
  3. AMA's this Sunday?

  4. I Really Need Your Advices About My Platonic Crush

    Honey, this is a problem for all of us - falling in love with a straight guy... There's nothing you can do about it honestly, just get over it.