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  1. Would Coupure Électrique have...

    No, the magic of the song is precisely about the language. Slumber God as the lead on the other hand...
  2. WELCOME TO THE 'MOST ANNOYING MOVES ON POM' THREAD Vote. Discuss. Propose your ideas if I haven't included something. If you have gifs for these moves please post them and I will update the thread with them so as the exhalers know what the moves look like. ADHD arms and hands moves & Quick head tilt: Knee bending: Fixing hair: Half-assed hairflips: A few steps forward and backward just to fill the time: Waving to the dancers: Knee tapping in Make Me: Slow moves during Do Somethin' (they could be done in one second but she did them like 10 seconds just to fill the time): Sneaking around in Toxic: Butt wipping: Boys moves: Breast explosion: Fixing the outfit: The "shocked" face: Half-assing moves that ruin the SP choreo: Forgetting where to go: Childish butt shakes: Swing moves: