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  1. POM DVD-Blu-Ray?

    It would really be a cool idea to release a documentary, like the history of the recent 4 years. But knowing her team... won't happen sis
  2. [POLL] The most annoying move on POM?

  3. I met Crissnay tonight.

    Who is Crissnay? I wasn't on Exhell while this mess was happening
  4. [POLL] The most annoying move on POM?

    Keep on bumping this thread till the world ends
  5. Serving a look, only legends
  6. These three things must happen

    No, the sh!t is real
  7. These three things must happen

    Her team won't let her do a single thing from these
  8. [POLL] The most annoying move on POM?

    Slaying with this move since the breakdown in 2007, adding this rn
  9. [POLL] The most annoying move on POM?

    Terrible but better than IWG for me though
  10. This is a typical POM mess so you should be ok with the POM's outfits at this stage
  11. Did Make Me mv ruin Glory era?

    With POM or without it, they would have scrapped the original mv anyway.
  12. [POLL] The most annoying move on POM?

    Don't exaggerate though. She wasn't doing these all weird moves when revamp started. We are not talking about their dance abilities but bout these abnormal moves.
  13. -

    WTF happened to this thread
  14. Favorite Xtina songs?

    The Right Man