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  1. Next year; 2018 marks Britney Spears' 20th anniversary since she made her debut with "...Baby One More Time". 

    The last four years have been predominately spent performing the "Piece Of Me" show in Las Vegas which has run successfully and has been a game changer of sorts. It has allowed Britney to gain  consistency and stability and to build up her confidence and performance levels to varied degrees of success. In this time she has also released new music which has had limited commercial success mainly due to the fact that the residency has been the main focus and the music releases have been treated as mearly add-on's  especially in the case of "Britney Jean". 

    I personally think 2 years of Britney's Las Vegas residency would have and should have been sufficient enough however that was not the case and it was extended. Now that it is finally coming to an end come December this year I think it's a great time to look ahead to 2018... 

    Personally, as a long-time Britney supporter/fan I think it's important that in 2018 Britney moves away from relying on performing solely past hits and becoming almost a nostalgic act of the nineties / noughties which she is currently running the risk of doing. Although, 2018 is an anniversary year I think it should be marked and celebrated by Britney solely focussed on creating and releasing new music that is promoted extensively worldwide with standout stage performances, creative visuals, and pathbreaking music videos... all the things Britney has built her caeeer on for the majority of the past 20 years. 

    "Glory" was a step in the right direction I would like Britney to continue in this vein and challenge herself both vocally and sonically. 

    2018 would be a great opportunity for Britney to hire a new creative team including choreographers and performance directors and even new dancers to bring a new energy and vibe to her act and hopefully an improved performance level. 

    Britney had come a long way since her infamous 2007 breakdown but there's still more to give and contribute... here's hoping 2018 is a time for creativity and innovation and "thinking outside the box" by Britney and her team rather than going through the motions and relying on the glorious past. Time to forge ahead and be relevant again, I say. Time for Britney to reconnect with audiences. Time for Britney to be bold and brave and cool again. 

  2. Britney has had such an amazing career over the last (almost) 20 years with so many pathbreaking and iconic moments that will last forever in music history. Like with any superstar there are the greatest of highs but some lows along the way too and Britney has faced her fair share both personally and professionally. Of course this thread is only focussing on the latter so find below a list of Britney's biggest professional errors according to me... 

    - the reality series  Britney & Kevin: Chaotic 

    - the 2007 "Gimme More" MTV Video Music Awards performance 

    - "Gimme More" music video 

    - "Break The Ice" music video 

    - The M+M's Tour 

    - the "Femme Fatale" tour 

    - judging on The X Factor USA

    - creating "Britney Jean" to a substandard  level and not promoting it sufficiently enough

    - releasing a boring version of "Perfume" music video 

    - releasing the uninspired "Pretty Girls" single

    - releasing a basic and uninspired video for "Make Me" 

    - lack of live performances to promote the "Glory" album campaign 

    - lack of single realeases from "Glory" 

    - not putting enough emphasis on creative and inspiring choreography during the "Piece of Me" and "Glory" era


  3. My immediate priorities / plans would be: 

    1. Release a third official single from "Glory" with a great music video to tie up era. 

    2. Successfully complete the Las Vegas residency with the final Piece Of Me shows in December 2017 - do not renew! 

    3. Record album number 10 with a mix of new producers and previous collaborators... Blackout 2.0 

    4. Ready a 2018 album and world tour to mark 20th anniversary. Full worldwide promotional campaign. 

    5. Release a singles collection in 2019 whilst touring the world 

    6. Take a career break (2 years maximum) 

    7. Sign with a new record company

  4. WOW! I've just watched the "Slumber Party" music video and I am feeling ecstatic. Britney the music video queen is BACK. Now this is how it should be done! 

    After the very underwhelming and purely average video to "Make Me" this one has well and truly made up for it, it's how I envisaged an album like "Glory" should be represented.... I want more single releases from "Glory" and to have plenty of videos of this calibre, at least another two! 

    The visual as a whole is just so artistic and detailed and sexy, and well and truly brings the song to life. 

    Britney looks STUNNING. Her high fashion look is ON. The choreography is great. Tinashe is a good feature and not overbearing at all. Direct Colin Tilley is brilliant, I hope Britney collaborates with him again. 

    Overall rating: 4/5 

  5. It's always tough ranking Britney's music especially in the case of best lead singles but here goes!  

    ...Baby One More Time 

    Gimme More

    Oops..! I Did It Again

    I'm A Slave 4 U 


    Make Me (featuring G-Eazy) 

    Me Against The Music (featuring Madonna)

    My Prerogative 

    Work Bitch

    Hold It Against Me


  6. After three weeks of listening to "Glory" the Deluxe Edition I would say...

    Standout: Invitation, Make Me (featuring G-Eazy), Clumsy, Slumber Party, What You Need

    Other Enjoyable: Do You Wanna Come Over? Private Show, Man On The Moon, Just Luv Me, Liar 

    Average: Just Like Me, Love Me Down, Hard To Forget Ya, Better, If I'm Dancing 

    Least Favourite: Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes), Coupure Electrique

  7. Wow, okay so Britney has made her return to the VMA stage and anticipation was sky high and rightly so. Did she deliver? Yes. Did she have a showstopping moment? Not quite. 

    Britney looked fantastic, her energy level was superb and she seemed really into it. A Britney performance is usually full of production and an army of dancers on stage supporting her however the song "Make Me" did not require this so rightly so it was all kind of stripped back. The focus of the performance was on Britney, she had nowhere to hide and was exposed but she rose to the challenge, proving how far she has come as a performer in the last 9 years. 

    It takes a few times to watch it to appreciate it truly, it wasn't a typical Britney performance so takes a bit of getting used to but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I would term this performance a success. Job done.

    Of course the lip synching is always going to be a cause for debate, I do wish she would start performing live vocals, fingers crossed this "Glory" era gives us some. 

    Oh and Britney with G-Eazy worked well for me, great on stage connection. And, giving another flavour to a Britney performance.