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  1. Musically the Femme Fatale era was a success as it was a great electronic dance  album with singles that were commercially successful worldwide and some good music videos to go with each of the songs HOWEVER Britney as a performer was lacklustre and unfit. The Femme Fatale tour was tragic. Britney clearly had a lot of personal issues going on and clearly wasn’t feeling the era! Sad but true. 

    The Femme Fatale era had a few things going for it mainly the music but many things that just didn’t work including Britney herself. 

    On a positive note at least Britney has come through it and is looking and feeling a lot more lighter and brighter! 

  2. “Slumber Party” is a great song and had a terrific music video to accompany it! Such a shame it underperformed commercially. I feel although Tinashe’s feature doesn’t really bring anything to the song, it didn’t take away either; I think Britney needed to perform it and promote it in order for it to create impact to wider audiences and for it to become the commercial success it deserved to be! 

  3. This very much just sounds like a baseless rumour HOWEVER if it is true then I would be pleased about it as I feel Britney working with a hugely popular A-list artist who is releasing great music would be a great for in order to connect with new audiences and be likely to gain huge commercial success which is much needed after the below par “Glory” campaign. I’d be up for this releasing in January 2018 once the “Piece Of Me” is over and out.

  4. Perfect Lover - it’s a standout “Blackout” track - love the production, love the lyrics, love the vocals! 

    Mannequin - I like it, I don’t love it. Good “Circus” album track but nothing special. 

    Brave New Girl - it’s sweet Britney pop which feels more like it belongs on the “Britney” album rather than “In The Zone” 

    Get Naked (I Got A Plan) - just a classic “Blackout” song ; very catchy and sexy and over produced. Love it! 

  5. “Glory” was a solid album release for Britney I just feel it underperformed because Team Britney did not promote it well enough and not enough effort was made to create a proper album campaign in order to give it longevity. We needed 4 singles and a full on promotional tour; instead she promoted the album at the start and then continued with her Piece Of Me show, thus not creating enough awareness of the album to the general public. Britney needs to stop just relying on her core fan base! 

  6. “3” is a fun song and I liked the video very much right from the first viewing cos it was quite simple yet effective which was refreshing for Britney and I liked the close-up “beauty shots” they worked well. My only sliight issue with the video is that there could have been longer shots used when she’s dancing as the scenes have been heavily edited and put together, kinda choppy. 

    Interestingly, this is the one and only  music video by Britney that has been directed by a female; Diane Martel. 

  7. 5 minutes ago, Betty1994 said:

    She did great as a judge imo. They paid for her name and to get a part of her fanbase which she did get. She also kept her views 'Britney' ish and did not alienate her core fanbase. 

    This is something the Katy Perrys and the like need to understand X factor is a cheque and they give it to you for just turning up don't do anything that will damage your brand. As that's why they paid you in the first place.

    Valid points! But I also think The X Factor USA was beneath Britney and was a step down rather than a step up! She should be aiming higher and more upmarket especially with the pop royalty status she holds. 

  8. Slumber Party is a great song and was a solid choice for single release and  the music video for it is one of Brithey’s best yet it’s such a shame that it wasn’t celebrated more or even promoted. To think she still has not performed it live is such a travesty. A bit like the Glory album... so much potential!