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  1. Musically the Femme Fatale era was a success as it was a great electronic dance album with singles that were commercially successful worldwide and some good music videos to go with each of the songs HOWEVER Britney as a performer was lacklustre and unfit. The Femme Fatale tour was tragic. Britney clearly had a lot of personal issues going on and clearly wasn’t feeling the era! Sad but true. The Femme Fatale era had a few things going for it mainly the music but many things that just didn’t work including Britney herself. On a positive note at least Britney has come through it and is looking and feeling a lot more lighter and brighter!
  2. Justice for "Now that I found you."

    Great song; one of the few highlights of Britney Jean album.
  3. Till The World Ends is a fantastic song and the highlight of the Femme Fatale album. In fact it’s one of Britney’s strongest singles of the last 5/6 years!
  4. I really like G-Eazy and I think he was a cool choice for a feature on the Glory album! The MTV Video Music Awards performance of Make Me was good, I liked how it looked visually and I feel Britney looked confident which was great to see. It wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t underwhelming either!

    “Slumber Party” is a great song and had a terrific music video to accompany it! Such a shame it underperformed commercially. I feel although Tinashe’s feature doesn’t really bring anything to the song, it didn’t take away either; I think Britney needed to perform it and promote it in order for it to create impact to wider audiences and for it to become the commercial success it deserved to be!
  6. I think Britney for a long-time had the great balance of being a huge singles artist with good album sales. If she can get back to that with album 10 and beyond that would be brilliant! If not, then I think being an album artist would be great for her in this next stage of her career.
  7. Whitney Houston saying she wouldn’t consider covering Britney’s Oops...! I Did It Again with Bobby Brown is not offensive to Britney at all! People creating drama when there is no drama...