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  1. Disgusting. Money grabbing leach. I can’t stand people who don’t work and want to live off other people’s money.
  2. Anyone else worried about her face?

    Yes, it’s clear to see Britney’s face is looking rough and isn’t aging well. With professional make-up she looks great but otherwise it’s not a pretty site which is such a shame as she isn’t even in her 40’s yet. I would recommend she uses Botox on her forehead at least. And some sort of regular skin treatment in order to regain a more youthful look in her face. I am only saying this because she is a public personality and a lot of her work is dependent on her overall image.
  3. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. Really pumped to see the whole campaign rolled out!
  4. Britney is a sweetheart. Anybody dissing her is an absolute FUCKER!
  5. I as a viewer of that particular episode Britney guest-starred in would disagree with Debra Messing. I think Britney did a decent job.
  6. I’m not so sure about these numbers for “Make Me” but one thing I know is I LOVED the song from the first listen and still stand by it. Britney doing mid-tempo with delicious vocals and a great production by BURNS, what is not to love. The music video was complete injustice to the song!
  7. Which era has best music videos?

    “Oops!.. I Did It Again” was a strong era from start to finish with 4 fantastic visuals each complimenting the chosen single and they are all so different from one another give the era a real great mix. And most importantly all have stood the test of time. “Britney” and “In The Zone” are close runner up’s for sure.
  8. I’m super excited to see Britney be a part of a high end fashion campaign . I can’t wait to see all the visuals. Already started following Kenzo on Twitter!