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  1. New IG- Brit and Sam and.... Mozart?

    The last IG post has gone viral and I’m dead brit gets attention for the most random things
  2. Have We Reached the end of her Career?

    Yeah I mean it’s normal that she might not want to promo as hard as she used to but by now her team has been with her two decades. Do it smarter not harder. I hope she doesn’t jump right into anther GH era again like the last two albums- I mean in some way maybe that’s what was needed. BJ was the result of not caring since after Circus and Glory was the wake up call. Everybody is tired of hearing the comeback and I think her team and her need to make that clear. She should at least have a normal era and just hop on DJ songs/soundtracks/rap hooks whatever. She can do whatever tf she wants at this point but i just wanna see her excited about her career again, Glory and Vegas has brought that back just a little i don’t see a drastic overhaul or retirement though. I hope they take their time with this next chapter of her career
  3. I feel like Nicki Minaj doesn’t know what Nicki Minaj is any more. Like now she can spit but it’s nothing unique like she used to do if that makes sense I’d love to hear pop/edm Roman debut and reloaded meets urban and vulnerable Nicki without lil Wayne on every other song
  4. So excited. Rih has come along way from Pon de replay! She could be a legend someday tbh
  5. Sia Announces ‘Everyday Is Christmas’ Album

    Sia is stretching her moment. Honestly, respect that hustle even if I’m sick of her voice (and I love Sia)
  6. Seriously, not even mad about the audition part or that original went MIA (a mess but still sh!t happens) but A college student could’ve made something better for $100. At least Madge and Janet had professional looking videos.
  7. Now Britney and Beyoncé are the pop mothers to many children. Let’s see Miley, Selena, and whoever else’s videos
  8. Totally Milf$ was a moment to start the album too. People were perched then nada i would've released Milf $ ad promo single/first single you already know soon after that then this and enchante as one long commercial /video when album comes out to hype save till morning could be last single
  9. Billboard shades DaVinciney

  10. This. I want her to love what she made and have it inspire to be creative with performances, tours, videos, etc
  11. Britney should've been EP of her own albums since Britney.
  12. Same with calling P!nk a man. These are TIRED jokes. Come up with something original .. not even a p!nk stan here
  13. Don't joke about D!ke - what are you 12? not liking music is one thing but there could be lesbians on this thread