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  1. That’s where she started though. Her EPs were moody r&b, electronic mixed with pop. I feel like they’re good songs but few have anything unique about them. Like aside from being a GREAT dancer what’s so different from her and Normani, Ciara, etc
  2. Who tf cares about a tweet? it’s PR & maybe she is watching the Olympics and likes them. Literally sucking the life out of anything.
  3. Or maybe people are watching the Olympics or read the news? I’m not a super big sports fan but I know who he is and watch the Olympics. Whoever mentioned the what does the sexuality bit - in response to a comment he said about mike pence.
  4. I love how much she stans her! The fact that Britney got yet another Pepsi commercial in some way
  5. A Shirtless Shawn Mendes Teases New Album

    I do LOVE Closer, Jealous and Teacher. Ok I take back my Jonás comment