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  1. I agree. I think maybe whatever that Katy Perry spark she had her first two eras is perfect, even up to half of Prism (then it started going downhill). I mean now she’s seen as corny and try hard but she had that fine line of sugary pop, sexiness, vulnerable, mature, weird before
  2. Get over this petty old fued I just bought my Liveration tour tickets! So excited!!
  3. She’s collared with plenty rappers and female pop queens but not many diets with male singers since debut...is there any male singers/rapper-singers that you think she’d sound good with?
  4. have you heard the mashups of britney in rock songs? Her soft voice fits strangely well!!
  5. Even though NOT a male singer but Paramore collab would be an absolute bop Maroon 5 for a quick hit Ricky Martin, Maluma, J Balvin for a CYM remix Travis Garland Bruno Mars
  6. He still makes bops! Wasn’t there a rumor recently floating around about some sort of collab? dont threaten me w a good time, Miss jackson, and of course the classics are my fav. I’d even say Britney on a Fall Out Boy Song could be cool

    other Should Britney start starring in workout videos?

    True! Lol then it could’ve been a tinder/grindr theme.