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  1. I mean Britney is one of their favorite customers. All her piece of Me costumes are from there
  2. I think she was talking about David la chapelle indirectly and other divas she's worked with in her time
  3. Or LEGENDS. Britney's performed wth king and queen of pop, how about janet now??
  4. Cashmere yeah calvin yeah major later yes disclosure yeah but no david guetta
  5. Theyre like OTHER THAN BRITNEY who do you wanna see? Watch them pick the random Koop band
  6. Yeah I hope Nicki chills on the features. They're throwaway features plus I think people are getting a little tired of her. Take a little break and come back with good sh!t
  7. Wow, I grew up on linkin Park. This is so sad. RIP
  8. Please give me a happy album Adele, something else i kinda wanna hear her hop on a good EDM/Hip Hop track lol
  9. Friend: Why did you break up with your boyfriend? Me:
  10. Bukkake jams Bad Jigglypuff Don't disrespect blow jobs like that. They're a gift to the world
  11. I used to have physical (even had the BOMT cassette, live in Vegas DVD, and ITZ DVD) of up to MPGH but lost those. Now I have almost every britney song from Apple music
  12. I mean she's cute but this give me creepy old man has a studio in an extra room of his house vibes
  13. I never noticed the box of chocolates lol
  14. Some of you guys are creepy af going into a stranger's parenting like you know them. Go get help if it angers or confuses you so much