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  1. Unless she genuinely wants to but not cause they're the hot new thing. I'd rather have Janet of they're gonna have two women whispering on a track
  2. at least slumber party/company performance on an award show
  3. Stream Fergie’s New Album ‘Double Dutchess’

    I had no idea exhale hated fergie but then again y'all hate Britney herself
  4. Such a nice voice wasted on bad music I wanna like you poot
  5. Rearrange POM setlist/outfits

    Intro- Toxic Work Bitch Womanizer Break the Ice Section 2 Everytime BOMT/Oops Circus Breathe on Me/TOMH Section 3 Get Naked (Interlude) Slave 4 U Freakshow Make Me Slumber Party Bitch intro for Gimme More CYM (bring audience member up) Section 4 Somethin to talk about ILRR MATM Piece of Me Stronger/You Drive Me Crazy Section 5 S&S/HIAM - laser show Do You Wanna? 3 TTWE
  6. are most exhalers even old enough to drink ?
  7. The only way this would happen is if maroon 5 and pitbull did the super bowl not cause she doesn't have hits but I'm not really sure what she actually does anymore
  8. Best and worst album title?

    I like ITZ, Glory and Blackout glory (had it been a real era) would've been like a celebration of everything she's been through and her career blackout for same reason as op in the zone describes Britney in that era perfectly. Driven, competitive worst- BOMT and Britney Jean They should've called self titled - crossroads but then it would be stuck as a soundtrack BJ - Britney 2.0 or confessions of a showgirl
  9. But then had radio hits following Britney clear radio most likely
  10. Featuring classics such as you drive ms clause (crazy), gimme mistletoe, piece of gingerbread
  11. how you gonna release a Xmas album in October
  12. Sam Smith on Britney

    Remember he's the first lgbt artist to be in an after hours club looking for d*ck
  13. Sam Smith on Britney

    Literally me showing up to my 9 am class on Monday