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  1. duh
  2. I think she wants us to bounce wjere was this beat for PG?
  3. A queer person in a mainstream pop girl's group... that's actually pretty cool! theyre a cute couple
  4. If I'm a (Slave 4 U)
  5. I think Better is a good choice. It's very on trend but still very Britney and its catchy AF. It could always be remixed, honestly they could do what they did for BJ and release a remix EP of maybe Do You Wanna, Better, Change Your Mind, Just Luv Me. Not even videos but to have them out Well a video for better but kinda like the one her dancers posted
  6. Trolling fans is a good pre-show workout is she testing the next single with instagram now?
  7. I wouldn't be mad at another remix ep tbh like for Britney Jean Just do Just Luv Me, Change Your Mind, Better I NEED A REGGAETON REMIX OF CHANGE YOUR MIND THOUGH OFFICIAL AND good FAN REMIXES http://britneyspearsremixed.blogspot.com/2017/03/britney-spears-change-your-mind-no-seas.html http://britneyspearsremixed.blogspot.com/2017/03/britney-spears-just-luv-me-eddie.html
  8. Lol you think exhale would stop whining for three seconds to do something like that I like the idea but many people try to do these challenges to little/no success Honey..........
  9. They could've just made a long commercial lol but I honestly LOVE private show!
  10. 3rd single- you ready to slay girl!? britney - sure am! *lets go* britney- wow they really thought! Stupid bitches *looks back and enjoys herself* Huh?
  11. Hurry grab my hand! just kidding, bye! stupid bitch *looks back and keeps enjoying herself*
  12. 1,2,3. Sam, Tyson and me getting down in 3peat
  13. Goldsoundz was the only one who actually said things that actually happened
  14. Queen of the Hebrews Queen of Abrahamic religion When will your fave bring peace to the middle east with classics like Toxic and Slumber Party?