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  1. Britney: *breathes* World: "poor girl, she's trying her best. bless her heart but she's probably lipsyncing right now"
  2. That's what I think plus it has the exposure since she perfomed in POM and at festivals. I still would want SP as a single but for 3/4 but oh well in a perfect world: Make Me, Do You Wanna, album drop, Slumber Party, remix EP (JLM, SP, DYWTCO, CYM and Mood Ring for everyone to buy), Change Your Mind, tour
  3. Maybe that's why she left with all that cash from the divorce
  4. Like if you didn't get the hint from the font and picture they've been using Also not happening lol
  5. There were better WB performances by far but the FFT thy picked were good!
  6. Idk if this is a stereotype but I pick up on things from my family and culture like I have to have hot sauce and tortilla (that I flip on the stove) with my food. I really do eat rice and beans all the time asian and old people are bad drivers 80% of the time
  8. Ok you had me until Rihanna is not talented I think the GP is tired f hearing Katy perry try to recreate teenage dream era.
  9. Read is like someone coming for you. Like you know you really fucked up or pissed someone off if you're getting read shade is lowkey and normally funny
  10. Sis don't you know her voice sounds exactly the same from 1998? She's always singing live
  11. I kinda want a cover that isn't the smile headshot we've had for the last couple. Blackout, ITZ, and Britney are my favs this wouldn't have been so bad
  12. This would have been a great costume for POM too. For the bomt section
  13. They like the smell of curry in the neighborhood
  14. Honestly all Mexicans stink like chorizo. Buy #noseascortes on iTunes! lets chill before two certain users claw their way in here I think we know who