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  1. y'all hate rihanna when she used to be safe here lol. Maybe she's been busy with promoting and touring or it's not that deep lol
  2. New music or remix and branching out to fans she hasn't catered to in a while and you guys are like ew. US is spoiled, maybe the rest of the world can enjoy her now
  3. I just saw this and they do sort of sound similar. Me too. Curious if It would sound good!
  4. Damn she's on her 4th! I should get into emotions and see what everyone's been talking about
  5. I'll be anti-ci-patiiing
  6. From team Britney a 99% no but I bet for Asian channels they will. They don't mess around when people visit
  7. Is this Britney's opening act?
  8. True well at least Glory is getting a second wind. If only we can convince Larry to release a singe to Asia from the album for the tour haha
  9. Because it's literally GH:MP and the singles collection with one FF and one BJ track
  10. True and then too many cool in the kitchen. Anyways, I'm still down to help
  11. Is there a version of both? I saw one that took the good parts of mm 2
  12. Britney invented the 90s though I love (not racist) southern women, they are always down to party haha
  13. It would be cool if the good DJs like @Neemz on exhale and other forums took eras and then combined them when finished. Then we can present it to her team for anniversary ! It would be a lot for one person to do. I'm good at video editing, I'd be down to help