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  1. Worst interview look (video)

    She looks fine to me! Tired but fine. I mean it’s RADIO and morning radio at that. Didn’t she just fly in? Also that Apple one isn’t bad aside from the fresh injections
  2. She really thought she was going for “Happy birthday mr President”
  3. B10 Album Sound?

    Something dark mixed something sweet. Does that make sense? Like glory but freaky. I want her to let her freak flag fly and do whatever she wants
  4. That’s where she started though. Her EPs were moody r&b, electronic mixed with pop. I feel like they’re good songs but few have anything unique about them. Like aside from being a GREAT dancer what’s so different from her and Normani, Ciara, etc
  5. Who tf cares about a tweet? it’s PR & maybe she is watching the Olympics and likes them. Literally sucking the life out of anything.
  6. Or maybe people are watching the Olympics or read the news? I’m not a super big sports fan but I know who he is and watch the Olympics. Whoever mentioned the what does the sexuality bit - in response to a comment he said about mike pence.
  7. I love how much she stans her! The fact that Britney got yet another Pepsi commercial in some way