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  1. How scared where you in 2007/2008

    I was 13 back then, i was not really into it.. tho i knew her because of my older sister (she's 5 years older than me) but i was not a fan of hers like today... but i remember her episode of shaving her head and when my sister knew about that she was very impressed, and scared.. i remember being in the same room when she saw Britney's picture withouth hair and she was like.. grabbing her mouth with her hand for a few minutes... she was very sad. After that episode, I started to be more aware of Britney's situation, so I've felt very bad the day they took her to the hospital, at that moment I thought that one day I would wake up with a VERY bad headline about Britney's life, that was scary. About the VMA's, my first impression was.. kind of like, dissapointed, because i had the MATM kind of Britney in my head, and I thought it was a big mess when i saw that for the first time , but when i see it today for example, i think it wasn't good for Britney's standars but its fine i guess..