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  1. Dancing for Britney must not pay a lot

    Willie wants those coins sis I stumbled upon his IG because one of my followers posted a screenshot of one of his fake accounts saying he was giving money and I was determined to find his real IG since it all seemed far fetch. But no I did not ask for money myself, not my scene
  2. So I was looking at the Instagram of the $450 mega million winner from Florida, Shane Missler, and when I looked at one of his pictures comments, look who I see asking him to check his DM. I guess now that POM is over the good sis Willie is trying to secure some coins for his music career.
  3. Dancing for Britney must not pay a lot

    Why wasn’t he nice? If I may ask. Lol

    Toxic is Britneys song, she can do whatever she wants with it. Can a person sue over copying a cover of the sueee’s own song?
  5. I made a deluxe album you guys, if anyone is interested PM me.