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  1. Camila is so amazing, what a damn star. I’m so proud and excited to see where her career is gonna go.
  2. Will Britney age decently like...

    Thats why being so attractive is a double edged sword. Sure while you’re young its great, you find mates better and its been generally proven you get treated overall better on a daily. But once you start to age things start taking a quick change and things you are not use to begin to happen. You no longer turn heads at the club like you use too, people now are weirdly rude to you. Its a scary thing to go through, especially as a woman in Hollywood. As younger starlets enter the scene and take your role. I was watching an interview with Joan Collins yesterday and how they told her at 25 that she was too old for certain parts already, and 27 was the cut off age for women in any sort of lead role. Granted some things have changed, but agism continues to be a huge part of Hollywood, look at Madonna. How much hate she gets for getting old.
  3. Will Britney age decently like...

    If she actually took her looks as serious as half these girls in Hollywood she would look like a goddess constantly.
  4. BOMTney shirt at Urban Outfitters

    Thats been out bb, but thanks for sharing for those who have never seen it.
  5. Will Britney age decently like...

    Britney does not even take off her makeup to sleep. I love the girl but shes a white trashy country gal deep down, theres no changing that.
  6. What is your favorite Britney family member?

    Jamie Lynne seems just as down to Earth as Britney.
  7. And people have the nerve to say they are better than Camila.
  8. Jordan posts fake meet and greet photo on Instagram

    Did you take the picture yourself or something to know all this? Theres nothing clear indicating anything, plus I was obviously just teasing him. He does not need you to kiss his ass.
  9. Jordan posts fake meet and greet photo on Instagram

    Jordan you are like the same height as Britney, how do you look so much taller in the group pic? Where you wearing 6 inch heels?