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  1. Which Disney kid is the best

    Miley Cyrus is the overall package. She is such a pro at everything she does. Whether it be acting or being on stage singing, she has tremendous star quality about her and she just gets it. I think with time she’ll be the most respected. Selena is a beautiful girl, and plays on being down to Earth and relatable. She is not a good singer but she tries her best to sell it, she is a decent actress but at times can come off very bland. From the three she has probably had the most radio friendly singles, as someone has mentioned above, and this has helped her a lot to become as popular as she is. Not only that but dating Bieber, Zedd & The Weekend and being BFFs with Taylor has sort of cemented her into a highly publicized pop IT girl. And if she plays her cards right she’ll continue to grow until someone younger comes after her. Hopefully then she’ll be established enough to jump onto films full time. Demi...lol Demi tries, i’ll give her that. Sadly ever since she left Disney she has not been able to find her sound nor image and for that reason she can’t connect with the gp. At first she sang about not selling out to Hollywood, being a cool pop rock chick and the era right after shes all spray tanned, hair dyed, tons of makeup and exactly what she said she wouldn't be. Then she went through a highly publicized era where she talked all about her issues, and something about her came off very calculated and planned, as if to capitalize off her illness and gain more notoriety. After that she has been all over, trying anything and everything to remain in the spotlight. Edgy short hair to see if people liked it, now she has a long weave, working with a hit maker like Dr. Luke, being on X Factor for publicity, doing anything to gurantee she can get another hit, but she’s been falling flat because she has lost herself trying so hard to be successful that no one really knows who she is anymore, and no one probably wants to either. I think she should leave Hollywood records, take 2-3 years and really draw out the sound she wants, and create some music thats organic to her as a person so she can improve her artistry and grow. She’s literally still making music that any newcomer off Disney can record. Generic songs that are moderate hits.
  2. Camila chooses her own destiny