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  1. Did I said bulking is getting fat tho? I do that too hunty and the rolls while sitting was more of a joke
  2. what do you think about Willa Gomez? For sure he made that thread like 2 weeks ago.
  3. I expected less tbh, but considering she had a tour bundle slay a bit X.
  4. Camilo

    socialney Paris Hilton (And Rapper Lil Xan) Stan Britney

    It's obvious that Britney doesn't want to do anything with her, just like Paris said the same thing about Lindsay like 2 days ago
  5. Camilo

    other I'm worried about the Europe leg...

    The O2 can hold 20k people and the other venues she's touring in europe have the same capacity, hundreds or thousands can die in there, and wasn't Ariana's attack in an ARENA?
  6. This song is her worst song ever, I loved NTLTC but this I love Nicki with they need to stop collaborating, one song was ok and it smashed, but one was enough.
  7. Of course she's not bulking Not a single roll while sitting she looks fine TO ME.