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  1. Forever? you're here since february of this year you're fucking new, I've had different profile pictures since I created my account in 2013, and I'm not going to change it just to prove you wrong you can f**k off too.
  2. @buttom who the f**k are you to judge my profile picture you're just a 19 years old loser with a lot of free time, don't quote me idiot.
  3. Don't twist my words moron, what I said is that you're fucking 32, if you don't like something just, move onto another thing, you don't have to create a useless thread full of stupid sh!t, I'd would never do this kind of things, I stopped liking Madonna after stanning for her for a long time, I didn't say a single word to anybody nor I went to any of her forums to say it, I just moved on. I didn't say he was too old to be in here idiot
  4. I got tired of those morons, I put all them in my ignore list.So thanks god I can not see their post or their mentions, they can f**k off.
  5. It didn't look good on her when she was younger, it wouldn't look good on her know
  6. TBH, a 32 years old man doesn't do this kind of sh!t
  7. You're 32, you're too old for this, just leave bro, this was useless, you won't be missed
  8. He can't go to Argentina, China, he should be banned in all the countries
  9. Because that idiot and that other member are part of that stupid group of teenagers that loves to trash Britney, but they are "fans" after 2014 , this idiot in 2015 and just because they have seen videos of Primeney on youtube and read some articles they think they know a lot of sh!t, but us the old fans who actually went to see her in concert, bought her albums before and actually got to live those moments, are just stupid and delusional.
  10. Moderate hit? LMAO, since when a song that peaked at N84 is a moderate hit? even Perfume did better
  11. Maybe because she drinks too much.