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  1. "Not the ugly pedestrian" Yeah, you didn't , yet you stupid bitch trash Britney because her appearance the logic, but it's great when you're a behind a computer hiding with an avi of an ugly asian guy, guess you must be a gorgeous twink and I can say whatever I want on the internet, and YES, their clothes were sh!t, the hair styles and colors are also a goddamn mess, asian guys shouldn't dye their hairs blonde or red, they look AWFUL.
  2. I thought the performance was great tbh, but yeah, she just didn't want to be there, and great for Jordan's desperation, this thread end up being about Selena and Britney trashing.
  3. Aww, what a sad attempt to make me feel bad, what if you put a pic of you keep stanning for that stupid shitty boyband, grow the hell up. this reply was fucking patetic and sad? are you 12?
  4. How many times is she going to do this in an award show? what's next? performing while skydiving?
  5. The intro was annoying, she needs to stop with that
  6. I don't like this girl but this is impressive, congratulations to her team, because the music is not that great and she can't dance or give an iconic performance.
  7. I liked the dancing, it was great tbh, the music is sh!t and their looks are awful. They can stay in South Korea.
  8. Mariah did write her own songs, or why is she nominated for the songwriting hall of fame? she had the enough stage presence and charisma to sell more than 200 M records, 2 diamond albums and she has 18 N1s lmao,something this band will never have, I might not like Mimi that much, but good damn, stop with your sh!t