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  1. the heck? it's just her posture and the way she puts her shoulders in the back
  2. Her smile looks good lately and that's all that matters
  3. it's actually the least edited photo from her KENZO shoot she looks great
  4. this was early 2017! she looked good but not her best imho I prefer this one who is very Britney-ish:
  5. Roger

    other What is Britney's most iconic line?

    "I choose my own destiny"
  6. Roger

    other 2008ney vs 2017ney dance-off

    LMAO Personally, I'll be working when she's doing her 2 shows in Paris so can't attend Piece of Zumba again (Vegas - 2014) At first I was pissed, now I feel relieved
  7. Feel free to post Britney's best pictures from this year and the previous one -> but please, post nothing from 2016: we all know the VMA pictures already... I will start with my personal fav, Britney x PIZZA (delivery)
  8. Roger

    other This was a LOOK

    Mte even at the time it looked tacky and dated
  9. I bought BJ for my friend's birthday She didn't want to know anything about Glory