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  1. looks legit died at the original "ooh", she's not singing but hooting
  2. lmao @Alice_ is at it again poor psychotic thing
  3. LimeWire and KazaaLite lmao the memories
  4. Original Post, first post of the thread Also stands for Original Poster, which means the user who created the thread
  5. But you used some emotes in the OP
  6. I hope she will drop the Barbie Popstar image at some point, and goes into Indie / Experimental, like Coupure Electrique and Change Your Mind ... Do some acoustic sessions and showcase some live vocals; I think they are starting to understand that the old formula ain't working anymore But this after a pure Britney style #1 single
  7. 99% of her old performances, which means hundreds and hundreds of performances, have better dancing and some live vocals too But her BBMA's Medley is a memorable performance of hers, she really tried to do her best for the first time since those old performances So it deserves that spot
  8. at least we had the Cleopatra look and Egypt themed performance at some point
  9. "Britney will come out of a huge pyramid dressed as Cleopatra to perform a Boom Boom/Outrageous medley. She'll concentrate on sexy moves and fire circles, sexy men holding her down to the fans and then, an easy-to-do chreography. " http://www.breatheheavy.com/rumor-more-on-britneys-cleopatra-vma-performance/