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  1. And notice she's never EVER seen whenever they post rehearsal/backstage videos, not even during the Asian tour and there were LOTS of material posted. This proves that they probably don't interact with her at all except onstage, and that -we know this already- she never goes to rehearsals.
  2. Why Doesn't Brit Do Much Press?

    And her anxiety, and the conservatorship with all those freaking confidenciality agreements, and her team censoring interviewers/interviews. I bet it's a hell of a job to get anything from her at all tbh, except for dumb little skits and "what's your favourite food" kind of interviews.
  3. Her dancers don't post pictures with Britney either, unless it's been already posted on social media. They always use fan pictures and never, say, a selfie with her.
  4. Probably. Her team can't be too cautious when it comes to protecting Britney's little bubble.
  5. Britney is enjoying life

    Yeah we're just a bunch of strangers stalking a regular Jane Doe. Imagine if we were fans stanning a worldwide pop superstar! MADNESS!
  6. Could be the picture but yeah Britney wore miles better! Maybe it has to do with Britney's muscular body. Still cute tho, and that is a good dress, classy yet low key sexy.
  7. Britney: Piece of Me 10/14/17

    There was another show last night? God damn I can't keep up. This leg seems to be pretty average tbh. She better work her ass off when the last shows come, it'd be disrespectful to end a 4-year-old era with such a messy show.
  8. Glory instrumentals drop to 60 euros each

    I don't even have the money but I'd rather spend it on weed tbqfh.
  9. Britney: Piece of Me 10/13/17

    Yeah they're all crooked now. I think it could be the retainer thing, didn't she use to have braces as a kid? But anyway, people's teeth can change and move by themselves over the years. I just noticed my own freaking teeth are moving and I'm afraid I might need braces lol. And I think what makes her teeth look different as well is her lips. Because of the fillers/botox/whatever, she got that joker smile where the corners of the mouth are pulled back making some of teeth more prominent, mostly her lower teeth. She did use to have a million dollar smile, even Katy Perry said she wanted Britney's teeth and smile back then.
  10. Expectations for the last POM show?

    The future holds so many possibilities for Britney! I can't freaking wait to see what's next after she's done with Vegas. New numbers, new music, new music videos, new interviewsssss! It was getting way too long and monotonous. Luckily she'll bring it for B10 (I swear I'm getting the chills writing this, I hope my predictions aren't too far fetched )!
  11. Expectations for the last POM show?

    We're so damaged and hurt omg, our hopes are none! And yeah, I expect it to be the same show with the special addition of a cake and confetti, for Britney and the dancers only. Maybe even the band. Doing a live event to stream the show would be a genius idea! @BOBIBCFBG Her team could team up with some company like Instagram, they'd make a fortune. As for me, I do wish she'd sing another song live, but that'd be too random. Seeing some new costumes, or even some of the old costumes, would be great! Maybe she could give a little speech in the middle of the show and express how she feels about the whole era. Hope she doesn't make any announcements tho, just end Britney: Piece Of Me, and be done with it.
  12. Britney: Piece of Me 10/13/17

    Another M&G
  13. Britney: Piece of Me 10/13/17

    So they do keep the fucking hats. Embarrassing.