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  1. Esaaaaa, y en Tel Aviv nonetheless! Acá un gaucho de La Pampa, jaja
  2. She does wear the red BBMAs boots for the last section. But I agree she should have a wider variety. She used to wear different shoes for each of the costumes when Pom started and she even used to wear different wigs, so I don't think time is am excuse to have the same boots throughout the whole show. By the way, from which province in Argentina are you from?
  3. Same. As long as they don't get messed up (one tight higher than the other), it looks good! And if it's more comfortable for her... Better.
  4. Hmm, isn't it the other way around? She looked hella short when she had the ankle shoes/sneakers: vs Taller-looking Britney gives me life
  5. This performance was great until it was turned into a G-Eazy worshiping tribute tbh. She slayed her Make Me bit, best she's ever done it, but then it got really messy, and using two microphones to lipsync was ridiculous.
  6. Britney needs to tour again

    Agreed that she needs a huge ass era before going out on a tour. Unless she does that first, she'll flop hard. But YES she needs to gtfo of Vegas.
  7. First of all, congratulations to you and your bf! Oh, Someday would be so beautiful! Didn't think about that one. My picks are: Invitation, Make Me, Better, If I'm Dancing, Coupure Électrique, Alien, Passenger, Chillin' With You, Brightest Morning Star, Hold On Tight, Now That I Found You, Till The World Ends, I Wanna Go, Trip To Your Heart, Scary, Unusual You, Rock Me In, Heaven On Earth, Ooh Ooh Baby, State Of Grace, Crazy, and Born To Make You Happy. I think they would be great after the big moment and to get the party started!
  8. My meet and greet experience

    Congrats on meeting Britney Spears the living legend! Did you get a good picture with her? And I'm also interested in knowing how she smells lol (sounds creepy af but I'm curious)
  9. What is your Britney theme song for today?

    Don't Keep Me Waiting because I've been wanting buy some weed but can't get any.