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  1. he should sit down with her again and let out everything that happened from 2007 to 2011 because lets not all doubt that she didn't have another breakdown 2010-11
  2. I can always spot out his Photoshop and shoot fails, and if that's not him editing his team needs to be fired. the line is liquefied in with the waist her face is so washed out and her lazy eyes are the worse and that pose.... erh, this image should not have been chosen to go into the media i dont know where to start with this image, from the fake background to the bad retouching skills. oh and that random light lol. the following are even worse from the above that waist though he's made her cheeks so boxy this is actually the worst photo ever, her head doesn't even look like it belongs to the image that liquefied eye lift doe okay this is a good photo, but imma be real and say that her face looks kinda scary, i feel like he was trying to fix her mouth but he just made it worse. but a ICONIC PIC no even comment on that... lol good photo, but look at the background, you can see where he's liquefied her arms and waist the background merges in with the body lol I don't even know if he was trolling us with this pic... he's literally copied and pasted her into the background and washed out her face. once again you can see the photoshopping around the waist, the lines from the background merge in. His also made her have a Kylie Jenner waist. Seriously? the only good we go out of him is so in conclusion if you're going to take photos of the princess of pop, fucking do your best job and make her look worth the image and not show us your photoshop fails and bad photography what photographer sets his shoot like this? I honestly don't know how her team is satisfied with these photos aren't they blind?