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  1. He’s been right about a lot of things since 2013 I believe
  2. Mood Ring (Early Producer Demo)

    This isn’t the same song. First, these aren’t even the same lyrics, just a similar tune. Second, DJ mustard is an R&B, urban DJ and producer. This is a pop demo. So no, it is fake
  3. Her diet is amazing anyway as she’s been really healthy since 2014. Her eyes and skin show how healthy she was. I don’t know what’s happened recently though...
  4. She still had her classic Puppy/Doe eyes and her skin was amazing Her make up, hair and Botox has gone way down hill since then
  5. Iggy Making Fun of Brit?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s still obsessed with Crawfish tbh. She always has been since her family owned a fishing business The Spears family clearly LOVE Crawfish
  6. Look at this floating, squatting, skinny queen

    It’s really not Such an amazing outfit
  7. Look at this floating, squatting, skinny queen

    That is literally one of the best outfits she has EVER worn
  8. Well she’s clearly blonde. No matter what variation of blonde it is, it’s still blonde. Tbh it doesn’t even class as dark blonde because it’s not that dark. I’d say it’s a medium 8.0 blonde highlighted into a 7.0 dark blonde base
  9. If Britneys career came to a dead end

    They have both sold well. Work Bitch was a hit, Scream and Shout was a MAJOR hit. Make Me did really well. Glory did well for today’s standards, so did Britney Jean. Her Vegas residency was ridiculously successful. Her perfume sales just keep on growing, her tour sold out within minutes for EVERY show. Her Asian tour was a HUGE success. I can’t see what you’re getting at here? Or are you just trolling?
  10. Late 2016 in a British Radio interview I think. She said she had started experimenting in the studio and meeting with writers and producers to work on her next sound. its coming