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  1. 4 minutes ago, --- said:

    she didn't need to touch her face. she should've gotten healthy prior and worked with a self-image coach. ultimately it would've been active skin work, followed by fillers/botox, and lastly (if at all) going under the knife. never start cutting into yourself until you've exhausted every method or you need a health related procedure.:sendinglove:

    Her diet is amazing anyway as she’s been really healthy since 2014. Her eyes and skin show how healthy she was. I don’t know what’s happened recently though...

  2. 2 hours ago, Godney's Sweet Ass said:

    "If"   :ohreallylol:


    She hasn't had a decent selling album since 2011 and she's released 2 albums since then :sofedup:

    They have both sold well. Work Bitch was a hit, Scream and Shout was a MAJOR hit. Make Me did really well. Glory did well for today’s standards, so did Britney Jean. Her Vegas residency was ridiculously successful. Her perfume sales just keep on growing, her tour sold out within minutes for EVERY show. Her Asian tour was a HUGE success.

    I can’t see what you’re getting at here? Or are you just trolling? :cackling:

  3. 4 hours ago, car said:

    Hmm. Seems vaguely familiar now. When did she say that?  Maybe I'm mistaken (but I still doubt a new album)



    Late 2016 in a British Radio interview I think. She said she had started experimenting in the studio and meeting with writers and producers to work on her next sound.

    its coming 

  4. 3 minutes ago, reoha098 said:

    i think actually the secret project was about her doing performance on d*ck's new years eve.  but most fans expect more than that, so it was overlooked:ohdear: dont u guys think so? :unbothered:

    Why the Photographer though?

    I’m thinking maybe it was for the tour?...

    But there aren’t any new promo shots so I have no idea.

    Might be a new perfume commercial :cackling:

  5. I swear I’m gonna demand a refund if it’s the same as the Asian tour. The adverts and commercials they’ve released for the new tour include the tree and all the props. I’m paying £100 to see the AWARD WINNING VEGAS SHOW. Not a watered down version. If enough people do it Team B might listen!

    Plus I’m pissed off with the miming which is starting to grate on me a bit after 20 years tbh :slowdown:

    Unpopular opinion, ready for the drags :indulge:

  6. 2 hours ago, puppylo16 said:

    I think she had plans on going...wasn’t there rumors that she was considering going to universal...like a long time ago?  If this was going on during the FF era or even circus then it’s obvious that she didn’t have a choice as her team probably want her to stay. 

    Its definitely true that Barry Weiss was instrumental to her success as she even acknowledged it during the party celebrating him. It’s a shame, wish she had him and Johnny wright back in her life.

    Edit: I just read the article and it said that she was part of X factor through Sony Music so the show can prevent execs from pitching to her and it even said “Larry and Jason will go where the money is” and also noted that she can easily be away but it’s ultimay up to her team so it really shows how evil they are. :brityeah:

    It’s ridiculous. However this is another tabloid, so I’m hoping Britney had the ability to make decisions like these without her team overpowering her tbh 

  7. 7 hours ago, puppylo16 said:

    Ikr? I think because Jive had invested so much into her. Like they literally made her compared to RCA where she was just handed over for free so like it’s not like they bought her or anything so it’s like they can give a rats ass since they didn’t worked to get her on their label.


    7 hours ago, Spearsfan said:

    I thought Jive did promo bad back in the day. They look like geniuses compared to RCA 

    Britney was an A list for Jive and to RCA it seems they look at her as almost a nobody. The difference is jaw dropping 

    It’s a shame Britney didn’t move over to Def Jam in 2012 when the original Jive Executive Barry Weiss was offering her a place on his new label. He said he’d love to have her back under his wing and said that he was sure she’d move to Def Jam because they always saw eye to eye and had such a great working relationship.

    Seems like Britney made a bad decision on that one tbh, she could have been treated like the A lister she is  :cackling: