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  1. 3 hours ago, LostInAnImage said:

    Yeah I loved it until they got rid of the backflip, now I think it's just kind of blah and redundant after BOM (since the latter has better choreography). Really wish she'd bring the back walkover back.

    Same, so much better. I also wish they would bring back the bed for Breathe On Me from Onyx hotel your. Such great choreography :crying1:

  2. Boys Co-Ed Remix is better than the original. And one of my favourites of hers. I said it :lemmetellu:


    Also, Overprotected Darkchild remix is a little better than the original. Got more of a hip hoppy sound to it. Always reminded me of Lose My Breath by Destiny's Child. Both great songs!


    Oh and that extended remix of Better that a fan made a while back with the ad libs and synths at the start! Great version!


    Of course Radar Circus Edition :snapney:

  3. 22 minutes ago, britmebaby_onemoretime said:

    I'm a constant leg shaker, too, but only if I'm sitting still. I end up shaking my hands at the most random times, too! I have anxiety and sometimes, the medication makes the weird moving thing worse, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if that's part of Brit's deal.

    It’s really common isn’t it!! 

  4. 11 hours ago, Brichney. said:

    Yes, and they know each other as people. That actress that played Mimi in Crossroads worked with Eminem on his movie 8 Miles, and she said that she was scared he might mock her for working with Britney because he always "disses" Britney on his tracks, but when she told him that, he told her that he thinks Britney is sweet and he doesn't really diss her on his songs, more of a fun thing, he doesn't mean it. Something like that. Britney and Eminem know each other as people, and he even said he had a crush on her on one of his songs.  

    He made a whole song about Britney, I can't remember the song title! It may have been an unreleased track... I know he said something like sexy school girl, she was a winner, beautiful, etc. Then he rapped about she had enough, went bald blah blah blah. Really touching song actually 

  5. 3 minutes ago, Diamond Horse said:

    I think it is a little analogous to sport, it is nothing too personal, but people still like to see how much artists sell. Even Britney has said that she is aware of the numbers.

    Yeah that’s what I said. I like to see how much she’s selling, and she should be aware of the numbers. But I doubt she judges other artists or pits herself against other women in the industry. Jut like I don’t like to :imcute:

  6. It’s literally her ADHD and a bit of Anxiety. I do the same thing and you can feel it when you’re doing it too. You feel like it’s the only appropriate thing to do at the time. I also shake my legs up and down too when I sit down. Pretty common :imcute:

  7. I don’t think numbers are relevant. I like looking at britneys numbers to see how well she’s doing among the GP and stuff, but I don’t like putting her against her peers. Plus we all know Pink and Britney respect each other and if they met at a party or whatever, they would probably end up talking. 

    Let’s stop all this 

  8. 3 hours ago, Criminal4Britney said:

    That is false with the exception of Britney Jean, Britney’s musical output has always evolved. In the Zone and Blackout and it’s countless imitators say hello. HIAM and FF also say hi. Glory also pokes its head in. The issue is Britney just doesn’t give a f**k anymore (and that’s cool she’s been there and done it). She sincerely would rather just be a mom and that’s ok. I’d rather her hust make good quality music that I can jam to 13 years later.


    Her music has definitely evolved (in the wrong direction). But that’s not what I’m talking about. It’s her persona, her image and her fan base that hasn’t evolved. She kept trying to appeal to the same people when those people had grown up and didn’t wanna hear the same music they did when they were kids. Britney does the same thing over and over which makes people bored. She was doing really well right up until the breakdown (2005ish) then everything after that was just the wrong steps tbh. As I said the person is here and I love her, but the performer has been dead for years. I’ve come to terms with it 

  9. 8 hours ago, Cappycorn87 said:

    Britney doing fine

    Why are you mentioning Katy Perry who is flopping and has not much folks on her side and other flops like Demi, Selena and Gaga

    Make Me went #1 on itunes after its release and seen a huge increase the night of the VMA's after her performance, but you say folks have lost interest

    All these artist you mentioned have not changed their sounds or brought anything new to the scene

    I really don’t wanna answer this but I’ll have to...

    just re read my post

  10. Britney problem is she never really matured as an artist. She is stuck in this category of poppy blonde with no real opinions or niche in the market. Beyoncé’s got the black girls, the gays, the feminists, the cool moms. Pink has got the white mums, the gays and the 20’s Millenials. Justin Timberlake has got the mums, the dads, the 20’s, and even the kids. Lady Gaga has the gays, the kids, the teens. Katy Perry has the teens and the gays. Demi has the teens. Selena has the teens. Madonna has the gays, the grandmas, the mums.

    who has Britney got? Sure she’s got the gays. But most of the gays have lost interest in her, girls are over her, and mums just see her as a throwback to their clubbing days. That’s how it is now. She never matured, opened up or changed her music style enough to stay interesting and fresh and that’s her and her teams fault. It’s evident in her record sales. Glory was a good step, but lack of promotion or any real effort musically and promotionally to make the album a hit really failed her. The music in Glory was good but it wasn’t really that different. If they were serious there would have been remixes, featurings, radio deals etc.

    Britney may have found her way personally, but she has lost her way professionally and it’s so sad to watch it happen to one of the best performers to have ever lived. 

    I cant believe I’m saying this to be honest :crying1:

    Britney the person is here, and I love her to death! But Britney the performer is dead, she had a good career. Lots of ups and downs, and I hope her performances live on tbh :crying2:

  11. 16 hours ago, Alex_1991 said:

    Well she smokes and that's good for the skin. So as long as she smokes she probably won't have a "glowing" skin.
    The main problem is the tanning. She's been constantly tanning for 17-18 years now. Her natural skin tone is almost "milk" white, and she's been ALWAYS, ALWAYS tanning herself to death. During onyx hotel tour the amount of damage she was doing to her facial skin was already starting to show. Then... the medicine, the "hard drugs" she''s been doing, the fact that she's probably not one of those persons who care enough about her appearance made everything worse.
    The 2016 weight loss plus the plastic surgery (lips and cheeks are extremely evident nowadays) fucked her whole face up.
    The situation is tragic, but if you add the fact that her make up is usually bad... here is 75ney

    This really upsets me :omg:

    You could tell when she was younger that she was going to age really well. In 2011 she still looked amazing. Her face had no wrinkles, she had pretty clear skin, her eyes were bright. Late 2012 she looked good too, but her skin was starting to get damaged with the tanning. Then everything 2013 onwards was downhill. I mean, everyone ages... But for someone who clearly looks after their body she really doesn’t know what she’s doing when it comes to tanning and skincare. I love her but come on girl, get it together!

  12. 2 minutes ago, Alex_1991 said:

    She literally looks like the grandma of 2011 VMA's Britney
    WHAT THE f**k :calculating:

    I literally don’t understand what could have happened in 6 years for her to look like this. What has she done to herself? Her body is amazing but she’s done stuff to her face and it’s starting to confuse me. What the f**k has this woman done? :omg:

    I mean, 2013 up until 2015 was ok, it was bearable and she looked good but after that it’s a big NOPE from me