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  1. B-Army awards

    I’ve done this for the last two years and it’s called the exhale awards It’s a pretty big deal Coming January 2018
  2. I meant JLM was actually supposed to be first single just as Get Back was
  3. Gimme more’s Get Back is Make Me’s Just Luv Me. Except JLM should have been first single
  4. Sam is film and driving

    Edit: Not to mention she was going through her puberty/rebellious phase at the time. She had never been a typical 'Child' growing up so when she was left to her own devices she made mistakes and wasn't experienced in life like we are at 23/24 years old. She only started staying in one place and running a house etc when she was 21/22. It was culture shock, growing up and the start of bipolar disorder and anxiety. Not making excuses but it's relatable
  5. Sam is film and driving

    She did in that one interview, I think because she was trying to come across as tough skinned and she was pissed off. But later on she admitted it was a scary situation.
  6. Guess Britney's next collab

    I'd love to have a Little Mix collaboration in my life! They're one of the REAL heavy hitters in the UK and it would be absolutely perfect! I wouldn't mind a Dua Lipa collaboration to be honest. Maybe they could remake I'm a Slave For You featuring Cheat Codes or John Gibson as the DJ! They're always churning out remixed covers and they do really well! They always rename the song to another lyric too, I'm thinking 'Get it'... Just an idea team B... Take it or leave it
  7. Sam is film and driving

    However Britney said herself that there were like 50 cars of paparazzi following her while she was shopping/getting coffee and they were getting very rowdy so she just wanted to get out of that situation as quickly as possible. Plus she didn't have a bodyguard with her. Therefore I can put myself in her shoes and say I probably would have made the same decision if I was that fearful of a group of men trying to force me to talk to them, take a picture, etc all while I had no protection and a newborn in my arms. There was a lot more to that story that the press didn't speak about
  8. This reporter looks just like Britney!!

    The eyes and the nose! But the eyes especially! Wow!
  9. I'll grab the garlic and the stakes!
  10. Sam is only 23?

    It’s so mysterious. She literally act like she’s 23 years old. Good on her for staying young at heart! But still... there are so many mysteries around her it hurts my head
  11. Oh my god yes! Make a thread! We need to make this a hit! I mean, if BreatheHeavy was the size it was in 2013 we could probably make it number one . But we can still try