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    JT Original BTI
  2. This is literally the most bullshit list I’ve ever read. It should be 1. Michael Jackson 2. Madonna 3. Britney 4. JT 5. Gaga Mariah and Beyonce are r&b so they’re not in this list
  3. New Britney Meme

  4. Find out your Blackout rank

    RANK SONG 1 Gimme More 2 Piece of Me 3 Break the Ice 4 Radar 5 Freakshow 6 Get Naked (I Got a Plan) 7 Why Should I Be Sad 8 Perfect Lover 9 Toy Soldier 10 Get Back 11 Hot As Ice 12 Ooh Ooh Baby 13 Everybody 14 Heaven On Earth 15 Outta This World
  5. Remixes... that are better than original

    Boys Co-Ed Remix is better than the original. And one of my favourites of hers. I said it Also, Overprotected Darkchild remix is a little better than the original. Got more of a hip hoppy sound to it. Always reminded me of Lose My Breath by Destiny's Child. Both great songs! Oh and that extended remix of Better that a fan made a while back with the ad libs and synths at the start! Great version! Of course Radar Circus Edition
  6. BRITNEY JUST FUCKING STOP. PLEASE. I'll never understand how people can look in the mirror and think that their reflection looks good when they do all this stuff to themselves
  7. You saved your ass after that title girl
  8. Britney and her hands

    It’s really common isn’t it!!
  9. Britney and her hands

    How big do you think Vagina's are?
  10. I would LOVE it if Britney and Eminem did a collab this year/next year. I feel like that would do so well for Britney's career! Lead single for B10 maybe?... Having a Christina and Iggy diss in Eminem's diss would certainly create a lot of talk too
  11. He made a whole song about Britney, I can't remember the song title! It may have been an unreleased track... I know he said something like sexy school girl, she was a winner, beautiful, etc. Then he rapped about she had enough, went bald blah blah blah. Really touching song actually
  12. Yeah that’s what I said. I like to see how much she’s selling, and she should be aware of the numbers. But I doubt she judges other artists or pits herself against other women in the industry. Jut like I don’t like to
  13. Britney and her hands

    It’s literally her ADHD and a bit of Anxiety. I do the same thing and you can feel it when you’re doing it too. You feel like it’s the only appropriate thing to do at the time. I also shake my legs up and down too when I sit down. Pretty common
  14. I don’t think numbers are relevant. I like looking at britneys numbers to see how well she’s doing among the GP and stuff, but I don’t like putting her against her peers. Plus we all know Pink and Britney respect each other and if they met at a party or whatever, they would probably end up talking. Let’s stop all this
  15. "She's 35!!!!! She's not 19 anymore!!!"

    Her music has definitely evolved (in the wrong direction). But that’s not what I’m talking about. It’s her persona, her image and her fan base that hasn’t evolved. She kept trying to appeal to the same people when those people had grown up and didn’t wanna hear the same music they did when they were kids. Britney does the same thing over and over which makes people bored. She was doing really well right up until the breakdown (2005ish) then everything after that was just the wrong steps tbh. As I said the person is here and I love her, but the performer has been dead for years. I’ve come to terms with it