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  1. Even on that one you just showed me it’s clearly her. I zoom in and it’s her eyes and nose and cheeks
  2. Dark mascara dripping down my face

    Is that pic real?
  3. I died when they said that
  4. It didn’t go to Europe? Never knew that
  5. Britney is a loner (my realisation)

    That’s because she was working literally 24/7 from the age of 16 until 2005 when she was 23. She had her high school and childhood friends and that was it. She’s said many times it can be lonely being this famous. Let it go. She’s far from a loner
  6. Didn’t they do a Britney vs Christina episode? Slay
  7. Britney is a loner (my realisation)

    Courtney, Jansen, Laura Lynn, Cade Most people when they get to their 30’s only have a few close friends. It’s perfectly normal so don’t worry about Britney
  8. It depends on the person, my mum and her partner are engaged for 2 years and are happy as they are
  9. Literally howled at this bootleg mug review
  10. I'd be so happy for her if she got engaged! From my perspective she should definitely wait a while before getting married though. Just bask in the engagement for a few years. At least then she'll know what he's like to live with and if they're truly suited
  11. I think Britney should just stick to what she’s doing because she’s doing it great