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  1. I definitely agree that a really successful era will gain her a lot more respect in the eyes of the average person. She is already a lightweight legend/heavyweight icon. Whereas Madonna is a heavyweight legend. If Britney has 2 successful era’s in the next 5 years, a couple of number ones, 5 or so worldwide hits and two great tours then she’ll definitely be up there with Madonna
  2. Glory PEAKED AT NUMBER 1 on iTunes

    I bought 4 versions of Glory, iTunes version (), Deluxe CD, Japan Tour Edition and the Vinyl. Gotta support Kevin and his 48 kids
  3. ‘The return of an icon’ Bitch I’m ready for b10 Hunny Gimme the tea What if she gives the release date of her new single in the interview?! Like she did with People in 2015
  4. Met Gala 2018?

    Oh wow first it was a pipe dream and now it’s a possibility I hope it happens tbh
  5. She always takes her shirt off in rehearsals and just wears shorts/leggings and a sports bra
  6. It literally looks like Britney! Stunning So many negative people here. Her eyelashes or eyebrows aren’t the same as the last time they saw her and they freak the f**k out its not your body people, f**k off
  7. She looks like Britney to me... Dunno what y’all are on about tbh