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  1. Pinky98

    music Pitbull confirms song with Britney

    I’m here for Camila featuring Britney tbh. Or even Beyonce featuring Britney, Kanye featuring Britney, Kylie featuring Britney. Something really out of the box and random but something that also sounds amazing
  2. Pinky98

    music Pitbull confirms song with Britney

    Btw Latin music is smashing here in the UK so I’m here for this
  3. Pinky98

    music Pitbull confirms song with Britney

    I hope she’s doing what a lot of artists do such as Demi etc and releases her own singles every month or two from her new album and also has a feature out every couple of months. Lots of videos, lots of features, lots of solo singles. Everyone is happy
  4. I want a Britney and Christina collab. A banger produced by burns, David Guetta, Cheat Codes or Sigala. Using Britneys natural deep register. I’d f**king die
  5. Honestly I can definitely see it coming at some point. Maybe when she’s 40ish like J Lo did with On The Floor and Madonna did with Ray of Light.