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  1. Would you be here for an 80's inspired album?

    That was the 90’s
  2. Your Britney room decor

    I don’t put pictures of people up in my room I’m an adult though
  3. The tan, the blonde hair, the smokey eye...

    It didn’t help
  4. Her ONLY path to sucess is...

    Not sure it’s her only path to success, depends what you call success really: Vegas grossed over 100 million so it’s hardly a flop guess we’ll have to wait and see
  5. No news is good news

    Her label said they messed up and need to be in point perhaps they learnt?
  6. No news is good news

    I think the fact we haven’t heard anything solid from her team means they’re actually spending time putting something good together and focusing on a big project. They’re not being distracted I’m sure in a few months we will hear something but that’s plenty of time for them to plan something cool!
  7. Is Britney big gay icon?**

    I don’t think she is specifically a gay Icon, I think gay people like her in general she has great music and a lot of good dance music. But I think it’s Britneys sheer lack of discrimination toward anyone that make her so loved and maybe in that was she has been adopted into the gay community as an icon. She is a generous and unassuming person look at her children’s cancer foundation in Vegas and all the money she raised for that, she was on hands and wrote letters and always speaks positively of her gay fans without exploiting them for attention or praise. She is a humble person with a genuine heart and a lot of gay people probably admire her due to the rejection or hardship they may have experienced. She is also really fucking cool!