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  1. You're entitled to your opinion and I can agree that some of the pictures are Photoshopped.. That being said.. "Kenshitto"? Isn't it like... Middle school to be merging names like that? It's very "Josey Grossey'. At least get better insults about what your standing for.... Around an adult age range.
  2. Bitch get out of here! You spilt my Skittles!
  3. That's Hollywood and entertainment. Making jokes at others expense. Almost every celebrity's who entertains with their own show or comedy does it. Ellen does it too, but hers are classy and very cute. It just depends on the celebrity. While nobody outright she's "oh f**k Britney, she's a hoe who can't sing". That's no cause for concern. Britney doesn't care. You're targeting celebrity's, when members on here have said much worse. You can't control what people say about others She's famous, it goes with the job. Aslong as she's strong and ignores it, she's fine.
  4. I think many need to understand, Debra is entitled to her opinion. Personally, I don't think she would ever mean to personally insult Britney. She was given a question and answered truthfully. She simply said who she thought wasn't that funny of a guest star and that's fine. Nothing more, nothing less.
  5. Could have been nerves, who knows. At least she wasn't a diva. Some people just aren't actors, Britney is one of them. However, she was quite funny when she guest started.
  6. They also did a nice tribute when Jack taught Grace the OIDIA moves.