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  1. Deep strong songs. That includes not cheap production, not cheap choruses with repetitive lyrics.
  2. indyRS

    other say what you want but this photo is sad.

    That's the power of makeup, lighting, skincare, etc. We all know for a fact that Britney is gorgeous. But the damn makeup is off more times than it's good... So it's not so much sad as it's just a bad look that day..
  3. Very well said. I think it's easy to overlook songs with simple sexual lyrics when it's got a sick beat and good vocals where it all flows well together (Gimme More). But when you have simple sexual lyrics on a song like Clumsy, Tik Tik Boom, it comes off as bland, cheap, and generic. So it's about finding that good balance.
  4. indyRS

    Post Your Recent Pictures

    Are you the guy? Fxkin hot you are...
  5. Yet your name is one of the album tracks... But honestly, you're entitled to your opinion. I can respect your reasons if you didn't think it was that good. That's the beauty of everyone having various unique tastes. However, just don't go bashing others for their love for the album.
  6. Too bad she didnt bring out that rehearsal footage of the choreo for Mannequin.. That would have slayed all of POM and Circus Tour.
  7. I think because it stemmed from the fact that they originally were just in the studio recording with no set goal in sight. Then they decided, oh hey, why don't we just slap some of these songs together for your next album?! And that's what they did. It's not a bad album at all! Circus is my favorite song. It has many hits on it. However some songs now sound a tad dated. And some had a little unfinished quality to them in general.
  8. indyRS

    news Britney talks B10

    Britney is always spewing out stuff. One moment she says she wants to focus on writing for other, the next she's recording for B10.. Always take with a grain of salt
  9. indyRS

    Can you be openly gay but then turn bi?

    Sexuality is fluid and different for every single person. You can evolve tastes and views over time. Some people change their tastes and preferences in the sex they are attracted to over time. Some can find another sex type attractive. So yeah, you could turn bi. Explore your urges and wants, see if you really are bi and have experiences!