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  1. I mean would it cause an uproar being that her trademark is blonde? I want brown!!
  2. Dirty blonde Howevetany brunettes are still reffered to as blonde... Just depends where and who ya ask.
  3. I MISS HER PERSONALITY !!! (video)

    She's still that same Britney. She was just more of a younger early 20's Britney personality as opposed to the mid 30's that she is now.
  4. I loved the idea of having a song about just dancing in general and how much she enjoys it.. But then Body Ache happened and well... So another song is due.
  5. Oh my, I was expecting the answers to be yes. Haha.
  6. A 1950-60's styles brothel. Britney would dress up as a madam and have her female dancers as the performers and it cuts through out the video with Britney teaching the performers a routine r and dancing perfectly while seducing male clients. Could incorporate her wearing the work bitch gloves again. Showing scenes of dancing on a dark lit stage with an audience of men. The final act could be her male dancers dressed as guests and they Incorporate duo dance with the females and males.
  7. Clumsy by all means is not a bad song. It really isn't. But it's just not up there in the great songs category. It's not innovative or doesn't stand out. But it does what job it's supposed to. Be a simple catchy tune to turn your brain off and jam to.