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  1. Perez knows that nobody really cares or checks for him. That's why so much sh!t comes out of his mouth, it's his way of trying to stay relevant. Very much like a child jumping up trying to grab a balloon that was let go..
  2. She doesn't care about us.

    Well considering that from 2011 to 2013, we had countless drama with her, Xfactor, desert fiasco, seemingly out of it in public appearances, going through the motions. It's a huge step up today. She's performed at award shows, given up a great album, etc. She's stepped it up, but I think just wait until POM officially ends, because that was 4 years of her life that demanded a great deal of her time. Then we shall see what her next plans are.
  3. Slumber Party music video was way better than Till the World Ends. Both are great, but come on. Clearly the dancing is better in SP.
  4. I know that wasn't the sole reason. You know what I meant...
  5. I mean it goes without saying that her trademark is the blonde hair, catchy sex songs and the high nasal voice. But is anybody starting to think it's wearing out nowadays? Like, I'm finding myself over it and wanting a change. Which isn't a bad thing, (her blonde hair isn't even bad. Maybe a shade or two darker though....). It seems that the longer they continue to push this image of her, the less popular she becomes. She doesn't need to do anything to achieve the power celebrity status she had back in 2004. But an image change would do wonders, and at this point, it couldn't really hurt her to try it. That's why we liked Blackout. She had dark hair, darker music, it was a change and it was rather nice!