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    Well, I was about to praise it but now that I know it's edited.
  2. Yes, those things are temporary and have to be redone for continued results. That move is played out either way, imo. It is a clever way to get contact with her without potentially making her too uncomfortable, though (like a hug would).
  3. Pink Comments on Britney

    Omg thanks for that! Did not care about "What About Us" so I definitely will continue not listening to the album.
  4. Piece of Me 20/10/17

    Blows my mind that in 2017, people still misspell her name. Must be 14 year olds…
  5. New Britney Shirt

    The graphic is fine but I hate the tie-dye sh!t
  6. Piece of Me 20/10/17

    OMG I knew if she just toned down the eye makeup she'd look fine! She actually looks like herself at 35.
  7. She actually looks good in that photo imo. I thought that look was familiar.
  8. That's really sad. And disappointing. I remember when people would go to the POM meet and greets and rave about how beautiful she looks in person and how photos didn't do her justice. That was before. I guess it's no wonder why I haven't heard that in a while. Man, she should just leave her face alone. She'd look younger if she ditched all that (EYE) makeup.Ugh… oh well. She's not gonna stop messing with her face. But she looks so much younger without the makeup (read: eye liner) though.