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  1. in my opinion floptus is xtina's worst album , I hope she'll release a new album by the beginning of next year and it can be a huge opportunity for her to do it , she's gonna be plain stupid if she misses a chance like that ......come through Xtina bring us the next Stripped and save yourself !!!!!
  2. Christina Aguilera - 2018 Britney Spears 2019 Rihanna - 2020 !!!!!
  3. Giving me Justin Timberlake teas not bad tho
  4. Why does she insist on flopping, government hooker is amazing imo, but she's fucking her up career since 2013 , she needs to work with pharell, orbit William and people who can make the best out of her talent ,she's very talented but wasting it on the wrong directions, also I don't get it why did she become so basic? She used to be creative and interesting
  5. Except pretty girls didn't chart, and 2015 is still in the 2010's ,I know everyone has different taste and opinions but seriously, it's a solid fact nowdays that most of those new hit songs are trash , if we compare music of 2017 to music of 2008/2009 for example, where's the creativity, the variety, it's all so boring now to me
  6. I don't think little kids should be singing songs with such language TBH, it's disgusting....
  7. can't believe what music has come to nowdays.... first that shitty "look what you do" and now this crap??? As much as I hate Despacito I'm starting to believe it's the least worse song of the year with all what's going on in the charts, is it really just me or this is one of the saddest years for music??
  8. This song is better than some songs on glory TBH.... Too bad she could replace it with for example "just like me" or "hard to forget ya"
  9. witness

    I'm probably going to be attacked for this thread Bcuz so many people here can't stand Katy, honestly I'm not a fan myself, I just like some of her songs, but I must say that after listening to witness again it is actually quite a good album, yeah most of the songs on it aren't even single worthy besides (bon appetite and save as draft) but I find songs like "heyx3" "roulette" "Deja Vu" "bigger than me" really good when I just listened to the album I thought it's bad but now I realize it isn't