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  1. I thought she says "It's britney baby" for a while
  2. it's actually the moment I became obsessed with Britney , Never was a fan before but after gimme more and blackout I was like , take my soul , I'm obsessed .
  3. that tiny vibrato at 1:04 is givin me liffeee
  4. mannequin and outta this world are amazing , and how I roll is so cute in my opinion how can u not like them ??
  5. alien,work bitch , perfume , passenger, it should be easy , tiktik boom , chillin with chu , body ache , private show, just like me ...........
  6. hmm..... she only started flopping after the vegas residency , she must get out to the world and hear new sounds I dunno , I feel like she's being lazy and in her comfort zone now so she lets (the wrong) people do all the job for her and they screw up , she needs to get a grip on her career finally by being more independent but honestly I don't think it will even happen anymore she's tired of all the bullshit of music industry I guess.....
  7. Actually I'd like it more if they will do another round like with circus album which was released in 2008 when Britney had a 10 year anniversary and then a year later in 2009 they released the singles collection. I think it would be amazing if she continued her pom show until late 2017, take a little rest, and work on her new album , release it in late 2018 and it better be on another level since it's her 10th, go on a world tour for that album (and this time I hope she chooses the name!!!) and a year later she'll release a box set of all of her singles plus a new single like she did with "3" . but I'm just fantasizing
  8. so youtube added this beautiful song to my playlist I am just stunned by her voice on this , wow , love R&Bney !!!!! I believe it's from BOMT era , this is so 90's R&B
  9. Hmm I hope we Get a new album next year tho I'm not a big fan, I loved loud so much as well as anti and good girl gone bad, her best albums
  10. Katherine, go home you're drunk
  11. I loveeeed hiam, still do a true pop jam and Britney sounded fantastic on it so fresh and sexy, I can't forget the first time I listened to it I was like yaaasssssssssssss
  12. I like make me, except the geazy part, but seriously the video ruined it....
  13. ahahahahahahah , did he actually compare himself to MJ ?????? yeah baby ,and I can sing like Whitney Houston lollll
  14. you're probably right about generic and the similarity to her last success , but make me and slumber party weren't so fresh and original either ..... and not really catchy which is an important feature for a potentional hit