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  1. the thing that makes me wonder the most is .... does she still like to do what she does , or maybe she's tired of it , and being forced to do her job unlike Madonna (who has had so much energy and passion for her job so far), Britney is projecting reluctant behaviour and lack of desire for staying in the industry ...... I think she feels like MJ but maybe it only seems like that sometimes.....
  2. what do you mean what happened in 2010 ?? she recorded femme fatale , appeared on glee , did the Candies and japanese magazine photoshoot.....
  3. She doesn't care about us.

    I know it ain't right , but she's an entertainer , I think that she even recognize herself as entertainer rather than a singer , just like madonna , girl , you wanna lip sync ? ok but don't tell us ur singing live cuz it's really isn't last time she sang live was probably on the x factor when she sang l.a reid happy birthday (damn he's so lucky)