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  1. The moves for revamp were not Zumba. The womanizer break, the new gimme more choreo, the toxic bbmas choreo, even the pretty girls choreo was pretty good for and fit the song.
  2. They hired a new choreographer for the revamp why wouldn't they hire a choreographer for a 30+ date tour?? I'm sure they're adding new numbers and the only reason they didn't for live in concert was because Britney only had two weeks between the last POM show and the first live in concert show
  3. I mean if they could do a revamp and change half the show in two months I'm sure they're doing another revamp
  4. What illness does she have?

    Anxiety and she's been opekmabout it. The fans saying she's "normal" are just insulting as f**k and lowkey spewing gross s--t about mentail illness. Britney has talked about how shes always struggled with anxiety bexuse of all the criticsk
  5. 1:14 onwards- the surprised face, the hair touching, the sounds, the armography
  6. No she wouldn't. The point of this is to end the personal conservatorship not the financial one. She wants her rights back
  7. I'm not saying it's bad or good just that britney has the same go to moves and it's cute and regardless let's not act lik 2015-2016 britney hasn't delivered amazing choreo
  8. It would look desperate if Britney was doing that 12 years after her breakdown don't you think
  9. Last time britney tried to petition it they threatened to take away.her children and still can because they are still minors.
  10. For people saying that it's good for Britney, in The article it says Britney wants the personal c ship to end but still wants jamie to manage her finances