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    Forever cucumbering my pu$$y for Godney...

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    Britney, getting drunk, big penises.

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  1. this article from 2014 is heartbreaking!

    As likely as this sounds,I wouldn't believe a single word that comes out of Adnans mouth. He's a little kunt
  2. The day before the opening date of TOHT...

    I'm so glad I had the opportunity to see this masterpiece live
  3. She got a standing ovation from Janet Jackson

    And this was only a 10th of what primeney could do
  4. That one time britney couldnt be stopped...

    How fortunate that these wardrobe malfunctions never happen during her award show appearances Though I suppose the costumes she wears for award show performances are of higher quality
  5. This GIF (Vegas opening ceremony)

    Iconic Queen
  6. B10 after summer + lead before the tour?

    I would love a summer album
  7. Wait... *shocking*

    OMG I used to watch Sabrina religiously and I never noticed the similarities Shook
  8. 3rd date in Paris...

    I feel bad for all the French people who bought tickets to other countries in Europe
  9. Hold On God didnt deserve Brinty Bean

    Don't cry is better
  10. London is the perfect opportunity to film a POM DVD

    Only if she wears amazing costumes and delivers
  11. Even though I hate all her fully black costumes, this one slays
  12. Mood Ring (Early Producer Demo)

    You should have asked for a snippet of the part where she sings "My love is a mood ring"
  13. Worst interview look (video)

    VMA 2016 is one of my favourite Britney looks So gorgeous and confident
  14. Potential Release in April, New Choreographer For PoM tour

    I'm a dumb bitch