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  1. Never noticed this before (might be reaching)

    When your butt itches but you're out in public.
  2. Dark.Knight Appreciation Thread

    Agreed, hes like... a sister to me. A true exhale vanguard award winner.
  3. Your choreography

    I try to make my own choreo sometimes but it ends up being a lot of arm movements and knee bends. I picked up her habits and its hard not to do them.
  4. Why Piece of Me tickets are so expensive?

    cause shes an "irrelevant nostalgia act" her career is clearly at rock bottom. sarcasm
  5. I've been a casual fan since the beginning and became a stan during Britney era. DWAD, VMAs, overprotected, the video game etc that was a fun time.
  6. Britney's Insta "Made Fun of" on a Podcast

    Lmao Not bad and true. Her instagram is random AF.
  7. Good question, but i mean i guess shes been an ally for a while. Gaga is at home like "I wrote a WHOLE ALBUM for u ungrateful queers"