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  1. 54 minutes ago, Delicious Pork Chops said:

    We can compare Britney to Britney then.

    :smokney: Now i don't expect Primeney.  But ffs at least some decent choreo would do wonders. 

    I agree but aren't these threads a bit too much :outwithit:

    I go to work every day and sometimes i'm in a good mood and sometimes I just wanna go home, so I understand her halfassing it. A good choreo would definitely help, but still these comparisons and draggings are bleh

  2. On ‎22‎.‎10‎.‎2017 at 7:54 AM, I Always Sing Live said:

    A few of mine:

    1) Find my dream husband and raise, ideally, 3 children (I've even thought of kids' names).

    2) See Britney live (yes, I know, TRAGIC).

    3) Go scuba diving (I know this is one of the biggest BL clichés but the ocean fascinates me).

    4) Drive down a rainy, night-time London street in a taxi while listening to Lily Allen's "LDN" (this is much more specific, I'm sure it sounds better in my head than it does on paper BUT I had a daydream about this and I want it to one day become a reality. :mhm:

    The first two are the same for me also :otears: Maybe not the kids cause I'm bad with children and I want my time alone but we'll have to wait and see :mhm:

    I want to get my body to a state where i'm happy with it (working on this one)

    Wanna travel a lot tbh, would like to visit a lot of places and visit them with someone I love and loves me :otears:


    Lily Allen and LDN are flawless btw, that's a great goal :D but I don't want 22 to become my reality :otears:

  3. 36 minutes ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

    Boys will always be my least favorite single of hers. I never cared for the remix, but I love the album version. 

    Same for me tbh

    Tonight lets flyyyy boy have no fear :brit:

    best part.