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  1. 36 minutes ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

    Boys will always be my least favorite single of hers. I never cared for the remix, but I love the album version. 

    Same for me tbh

    Tonight lets flyyyy boy have no fear :brit:

    best part.

  2. I've never heard of this woow

    I'll definitely go see them, visually the first one was fantastic, this is a 3D movie that you don't wanna miss, but the storyline was kinda meh, like a future day Pocahontas, but they settled the universe nicely, they can expand the story in a good way from there.

  3. 14 hours ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    Are they trying to completely kill off sales and make streaming the new sales? :gross:

    RIP Music Industry

    It's been resting in pieces, not in peace for several years now, that's why I stay out of numbers and charts and sales and bullshit.

  4. I made a post about making the scene in Paid My Dues an emote "You can NOT stop me" walks away* but people ignore me as usual

    I too love her and her Ultimate Collection is in my phone all the time and I listen to it very often :) 

  5. On ‎21‎.‎9‎.‎2017 at 4:59 AM, zone said:

    Yeah not the best album out there but it has some good tunes its a grower,

    boxer, before, not coming down and nobody loves me better are still an the top of my playlist

    Gonna take your word for it, it was also kinda average for me, I guess i'm gonna come back to these songs whenever I need motivation and feel crappy, they're really good for that.

  6. Abroad and Dangerous are flawless and I listen to them more often than most Britney songs :lemmetellu:

    You know you still love me Sicily to the Uk:prettyney: Keep them hands up everywhere follow me:makesomenoise: I'm about to take you... Abroad :bparty:

    Sexy men whisper foreign in my ear, she's so hot :hipney: you so naughty come on show me what you got :thirsty:

    Looked in the mirror todaayyyyy :bopney: Thought I had so much to sayyy :pumped:

    But now that i'm face to faceee:TOMH: I feel like running awayyyy :overitkbye:

    Think I just need a getaway:walkonby: Time for a break, a holiday :brit2016:

    Time that I make my great escape :beysip: I need it now, I need it today :walkoff:

    Don't know where i'm going but I know i'm out of here :arianabye:


    Spent 15 minutes on this post and worth every second :flawless:


  7. The best song so far for me, in both audio and video, very nice producing and the instrumental part is really great, I've listened to it a lot of times by now.

    I didn't know that was Kendal jenner until like the 4th time I watched it, I think the girl did good in the video and it looks very good as a whole project :verycool: