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  1. Let's play game

  2. Anyone else that suffers from depression?

    I suffer from depression long time now (I think) I'm 26 now btw. It happens cause I think a lot and always the story that I make up in my mind goes wrong and smth horrible happens or somehow people think badly of me in the end. I've learned to be surrounded by actual people and events, being busy, doing something all the time helps me instead of thinking about negative stuff all the time. Sorry I know it sounds cheesy but you should talk to friends, even on this forum, post, talk, start discussions just do stuff. I've seen comments here about medications but I don't think you should go there, meds can help temporary but also mess you up, I avoid pills like the plague. And also my favourite motivation is that if Britney can get through 2007 (she was my age then, trust me I understand that sh!t more that anything now), so can you honey Stay strong and focus on positive things
  3. She said there is no music, just me and my mic in my hand it feels illegal cause it's quiet in the room. holy mother of dragons seriously exhell stahp