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  1. @It'sSamB!tch Why would anyone judge you? Julia slays. :flawfree:

    On 10/16/2017 at 8:57 PM, Spearsfan said:

    It sounds very Selena. 

    Not really feeling it.

    The lyrics are good though 

    It sounds very Julia tbh. She is songwriter of every latest successful Selena's song. Selena basically just record what Julia makes. If you listened to Julia's debut mini album (EP), you could totally hear that's her style. "Bad liar" could easily fit on that EP (although she is already all over that song as back vocalist). I'm glad she gave it to Selena instead tbh, it's not my cup of tea. :mhm:

    On 10/16/2017 at 10:15 PM, toy soldier. said:

    Sounds like a demo

    Probably because it is a demo version. It got leaked 'cause some site somehow got this track and decided to sell it to someone who was generous enough to leak it. :soyeah:

  2. On 9/26/2017 at 3:24 AM, Andrew338 said:


    If I remember well, this guy is responsable why her team was so strict to other fans one time. Apparently, he didn't even ask to kiss her, he just went with it and made her extremely uncomfortable.

  3. 3 minutes ago, Daxx said:

    What's the point if all you get is to say hello, tell her your name and whatever speech that you will probably be forced to cut out for a 3 second talk with her saying "aw that's so nice thank you sweetie" and most likely get a horrible picture. I personally don't think it's worth almost $2000 dollars :mattafact:

    And also if she doesn't like doing them, don't force her. It will be better for her and for the people that buy them and get THAT photo as a result :gross:

    To be honest, I think the fans are to blame why M&Gs last that short. She is up to talk with people. You just need to treat her like a normal human being she is and not like some crazy stan with 'you changed my life with your music' speeches. It's pretty obvious that you love her, I mean, you payed at least 1700$ just to meet her. Why not to use your time and ask something interesting instead? One of the guys from here got a name of unreleased track plus he got amazing photo with her. Many fans should take notes from him.

  4. 1 hour ago, BreatheOnMoi said:

    Delete it :orangu:


    1 hour ago, button said:

    Delete sis. before they post it on twitter

    1 hour ago, Pedro Dantas said:

    Which reminds me of saying this:




    It's kinda late for that. Guy from M&G is actually satisfied (??) with photo and he shared it on social media. Didn't even bother to read the comments, although I noticed there were a lot of them. :mhm:

  5. 19 minutes ago, danvonerich said:

    Actually I believe it doesnt matter how many you purchase from a store, it matters how many copies are actually shipped to the stores, not by a person buying it. For example a store could request 10,000 copies of an album, but may only sell 20. Them 10,000 copies are still counted as a sale.


    Stores receive copies based upon how well it will sell, there's no point getting alot of copies in if it is predicted not to sell well, losing the store money. The stores themself are actually purchasing the albums. 


    I may be wrong :mattafact:but this is what I have read before 

    Whoever said that obviously don't have basic knowledge. It makes zero sense. Many copies can be shipped, but not sold out. That's why you can still see copies of "Glory" til this date in the stores. According to that logic, copies standing on shelves count too. And you never know how well or bad certain album will sell. Who would guess that Lorde's debut album would sell like crazy? Who would guess Lana's debut album would chart a couple of years from release date? What makes more sense is that receipt of each purchase is relevant proof of sold copy.

  6. 58 minutes ago, IUSAtonight said:

    With the same logic if you buy more than 1 physical copies it shouldn't count :madonna: 

    And it doesn't count, unless you get receipt for each copy. :mhm:


    Anyway, Britney's sales are decent nowadays. What her team should work on is horrible streaming power tbh. We all should focus on streaming with her next record, because that's what she needs the most. :soyeah:

  7. 11 minutes ago, Diamond Horse said:

    Damn, I tried to listen Passenger yesterday. I have the hq 24-bit version. But it is still terrible. I don't know how I could ever like it. Even though the song in itself is not SO bad and I like the Nick* acoustic, but the worst thing about the album version is the vocals...

    I always liked "Passenger", it's probably one of few listenable ones off BJ. As you said, vocals are main problem and that's the only thing which ruins song experience to me. The melody and lyrics are actually good. :mhm:

  8. 2 minutes ago, Diamond Horse said:

    I really want to believe that was not the case.

    Of course it's not. Britney herself said she had the best time in recording studio and that she didn't feel like she was working at all. He is probably one of those who think that BJ is masterpiece, so yeah. :blol:

  9. 8 minutes ago, mtfknstarboy said:

    why? after she gave Britney the leftovers of other artists? no thanks

    Wtf? Not when that girl gave us "Invitation", "Just Like Me", "Slumber Party", "Just Love Me", "Better", "Change Your Mind", "Do You Wanna Come Over" a.k.a the best tracks off "Glory". You gotta show some respect.