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  1. I didn't know, sorry. thx for the information
  2. I hate the fact that she can't speak up about some stuff, and when she does it seems so forced
  3. Pop Emergency! Robyn's New Album Drops This Year

    I missed her! OMG I have so many memories connected to her songs...
  4. Favorite Slutney pictures?

    I wanted to post this one
  5. at least she sang something live
  6. why only 3 though? It's so hard to decide when there are so many "no britney noooo" moments. A lot happened from 2016 - now
  7. ugly girls, make me mv, POM
  8. Britney's best look this decade?

    why can't she wear something like that on stage?
  9. because she doesn't want to
  10. get ready for new womaziner choreography womanizah womanizah womanizah
  11. any other young britney fans on exhale?

    I'm under 30, that's still young.
  12. queen of using mathematics on stage