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  1. he looks kinda like a pizza baker now still hot though
  2. he is amazing i would sh!t my pants if brit would ever slay that choreography again
  3. thx for uploading what is happening at 2:18? am I the only one who finds that strange? maybe its because of the audio, when she starts talking to the audience , it seems like she didn't finish the last lines of "talk about" , but I'm actually hearing it , or its from people singing it? eww i guess i don't know how to explain it
  4. even the security guy can't take his eyes off her .
  5. So i just want to make sure i keep having you motherfuckers something to talk about... strutting away the shade is real
  6. mona lisa is here to slay our lives the "testing testing testing" part killed me. Like hello??? she should stop performing her old stuff and just talk, i would pay to see that. and when the song started , OMG, HER SWAG. she actually moved her legs... the rhythm was there life is strange
  7. yesterday i thought "wow it was never so boring being a britney fan.. its so depressing " lol ... and today i woke up and LIKE WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED. what a lucky audience