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  1. What's your favorite breakdown from OIDIA done on tour? Crazy2k Tour Oops I Did It Again Tour Dream Within A Dream Tour (my favorite one) Onyx Hotel Tour Piece Of Me Residency
  2. RUMOR: B10 Coming Out 2018 With A Big Bang?!

    how is this my highest rated comment
  3. i miss having background singers on tour (except Onyx, the mix there just didn't work)
  4. Perfume can be so relatable because of this line:

    i don't mind the territory line since it's a metaphor for dominance "trying to be cool" is probably the worst line of the song, it just doesn't fit and kinda dumbs down the song
  5. Sam is only 23?

    she doesn't exactly behave like a 36 year old
  6. I should have read this before putting my response
  7. they only did that because of the Britney/Xtina "rivalry", and seeing Xtina appear on the same stage next to Britney was "unexpected". Not because Xtina was better (though singing live)
  8. If U Seek Amy or Up N Down?

    Up N Amy
  9. Choose the best flop fan moment

    I thought 3 was part of Femme Fatale and was disappointed after listening through all of FF and not finding it
  10. which exhaler is this?

    was that a deleted scene from the original MM video?
  11. You're only allowed to use 3. Which one would they be? They can either be outfits or looks Mine would be (I'm sure the JTV dresses will make the list so I won't even bother):
  12. The baby voice might work for something nowadays , so why not a lullaby album or EP? She likes babies, might as well. I'm sure she's sang to her kids and her nieces as well.
  13. If a tour for B10 were to exist

    hit thread
  14. I'd want it to be small and intimate. Only a handful of dates and get small venues.
  15. too much work so it ain't happening
  16. What if Britney records a lullaby album?

    those are songs aimed at her children, not lullabies
  17. What if Britney records a lullaby album?

    Where is it? Please don't stay Blackout
  18. at least it didn't say "POP EMERGENCY"
  19. RUMOR: B10 Coming Out 2018 With A Big Bang?!

    not official unless it comes from fiebre or a pool party
  20. Better than Piece of Me

    Alvin & The Chipmunks >> POM
  21. well Beyonce is known for copying Britney so...