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  1. Work Bitch Lyrics?

    (since I'm not sure either, might be in the same language Mannequin is original sung in)
  2. Britney Tel Aviv interview =/= reality
  3. Britney Spears - Legion

    I'm kinda glad it wasn't chosen. I dont think I'd wanna hear Myah sing that song
  4. The Circus Starring Britney Spears =/= Tour promoting the Circus album
  5. Who knows? But this at least helps explore more an artist' filming process of it... Apparently the Foo Fighters weren't comfortable on theirs "It got less fun - it kinda went on" It seems that James Corden’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ is not always as fun as it seems, as Foo Fighters have said that they found the experience “a little uncomfortable”. The band made their debut appearance on the popular segment for Corden’s ‘Late Late Late Show‘ last month – where they belted out karaoke renditions of Foos classics ‘All My Life’, ‘Best Of You’, ‘Learn To Fly’ and recent single ‘The Sky Is A Neighborhood’ from acclaimed new album ‘Concrete And Gold‘. However, it seems that after a while, the band found the experience somewhat tiresome. “By hour three in dude’s car it got less fun,” guitarist Pat Smear told NME. “It kinda went on. When we stopped at Guitar Centre, that felt like we were done, but it was like ‘this is halfway’.” Dave Grohl said that it was “a little uncomfortable”, but didn’t doubt that James Corden was a real music lover. However, he wasn’t too happy about being made to sing his own songs. “Oh he definitely is [a music lover],” Grohl told NME. “And he’s a very nice guy. But y’know, I don’t mind singing my own songs at Glastonbury or The O2 but if I had to sing you a song right now I’d be too embarrassed.” After Smear said that “singing other people’s songs would have been easier”, Grohl added: “I could do that all day. We did The Ramones, and Rick Astley, but they didn’t use it. I don’t know why.” Read more at http://www.nme.com/news/music/foo-fighters-tell-us-carpool-karaoke-james-corden-little-uncomfortable-2147786#zr2R257EVPM22fXV.99 Thoughts?
  6. Wouldn't it be incredible if....

    doesn't even matter if she brings it when most of the time she'll be twitching, bending her knees and rubbing her butt right through it. and that weird hand/chest thing she does often
  7. Oops I Did It Again Tour =/= Piece Of Me Residency
  8. ...2001

    so many memories
  9. meanwhile Britney (though that routine doesn't really fit the song)
  10. New IG- Brit and Sam and.... Mozart?

    same academy award nominees who filmed this
  11. Have We Reached the end of her Career?

    Britney: "Thank you for calling the Target Customer Care line. This is Britney Spears, how may I help you today?" Customer: "Hello, anybody there?" Britney: "Yes ma'am, I'm here. How can I help you?" Customer: "Hello?? I can't hear anyone, just background noise" Britney: "Thank you for calling the Target Customer Care line. This is Britney Spears, how may I help you today?" Customer: ""Oh there we go, why couldn't I hear you before?" Britney: "Sorry ma'am, it appears that my mic was off. Force of habit"
  12. Ideas for B10

    i agree, it doens't reflect much on the album. Probably Invitation would have been a better name for it
  13. New outtake from Mark Liddell (2008)

    now you can see her in Vegas doing a South park special
  14. most iconic britney's dancer for me

    original? you may wanna rewind the tape 4 years back