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  1. top most random rumors

    she's dead (probably once a year since 1999) she's pregnant (same as above) she's a guy she's performing in the desert her handheld mic on VMA 16 was supposed to be turned on
  2. top most random rumors

  3. this is gonna turn into one of those threads where the OP was not expecting it'd go to
  4. Presale code merch

    it got scrapped just like everything
  5. just like Private Show, none of that was natural
  6. I'm in the minority when I point this one out
  7. one thing is for sure - she was a blonde on both nights....or was she?
  8. What did you think of the 55 hour marriage?

    i do love this skit that came from it (too bad i can't find the whole thing)
  9. What did you think of the 55 hour marriage?

    i thought it was stupid and careless, and most likely alcohol was involved - she was already on the decline with the GP being hated more and more since the JT breakup so this kinda solidified it to some people but it didn't affect me personally cuz it wasn't me who did it
  10. #Information

    well you know that Britney's black, the picture says so especially if you remember that thread made last year about something like that
  11. or pretends it doesn't exist like most of us do
  12. no, trash song belongs to trash artist
  13. iHeart Radio 2016 new angle bits

    inspired by the music her sons listen to........ can't wait to hear the cover of the Barney theme song, or Pokemon's
  14. Britney's best look this decade?

    I'm not old-face Britney, not yet new-face Britney
  15. Pop Emergency! Robyn's New Album Drops This Year

    you know Robyn....it's a funny story
  16. who needs autotune when you have 20 year old vocals to lip-sync to?
  17. What are 3 of your "No Britney Noooo" moments?

    cuz 1 reply would take the whole page
  18. What are 3 of your "No Britney Noooo" moments?

    did you play the video?