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  1. Think about it BOMT - this one wasn't terrible but FTBOMBH in the US wasn't that big and Oops was pushed rather quickly OIDIA - The Oops tour ending in Rick in Rio with her voice backstage leaking where you could hear her mad and swearing. DLMBTLTK was ahead of its time so it wasn't big and its video received a lot of backlash for being too sexual Britney - ended in Mexico with the middle finger fiasco which for some reason almost stopped the world, following cancelling the last concert due to the storm ITZ - Outrageous incident cancelling the rest of the era BO - do we need to say more? Circus - Radar did crap so they went ahead with 3 FF - the tour did ok, but Criminal was never promoted nor performed. By the end of the tour, most of the stage design was removed. BJ - POM Glory - POM 2.0
  2. Exclusive: Post POM plans revealed

    i thought it was this
  3. Was something like Shadow? After a long time I finally listened to the song again, and it's actually pretty good (a bit underrated...maybe by me ). But it'd be nice to have a more mature song even if it flops with a good awards performance. what if that song nowadays is currently singing it to primeney?
  4. Sam is film and driving

    they can but their credibility is lost and all points are invalid
  5. where Britney took pointers from for POM
  6. Sam is film and driving

    Oh I understand her situation, I probably would have done the same until I got to a safer spot and put my kid safely on his seat. I'm just stating that even though the circumstances are different, they were both careless in their own way.
  7. Sam is film and driving

    but they're talking about his 'carelessness' in driving when Britney has done the same that's like starting a thread about Beyonce lip-syncing
  8. Sam is film and driving

    no fight, just debating with unbiased facts
  9. Sam is film and driving

    so what's the point in bashing just 1 person when his counterpart was the same?
  10. Sam is film and driving

    I'm not, I'm evaluating both fairly. They were both equally irresponsible.
  11. Sam is film and driving

    so Sam is a douche cuz he drives while filming but Britney is fine driving with her baby on her lap in the middle of a busy street?
  12. One of my favorite Britney tv show moments

    Cuz Britney is feeling it and she looks sexy, Beyonce looks constipated
  13. What If B10's lead single

    Your body's warm but you are not You give a little, not a lot You could be Love, until we kiss You're all I want, but not like this
  14. me either! That'd be ironic to put on a resume
  15. What If B10's lead single

    yeah that's why I rarely listen to it, it doesn't really fit in the album, maybe with Circus. I think what's obnoxious in the chorus is her tone on "it's only your shadow" as it sounds a little nasal I'm watching you disappear, but you...you were never here
  16. If U Seek Amy or Up N Down?

    I figured If U Seek Up didn't sound good
  17. Anyone Else Remember...

    I remember!