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  1. the instrumental is good, the verses and prechorus aren't bad melodically but the chorus and the whole song lyrically is terrible too childish
  2. Tom's Diner, no vocoder

    yeah I think so, so stupid wouldn't be surprised if Larry wanted pre-recorded vocals for POM and Britney was like
  3. Tom's Diner, no vocoder

    she was probably the one who requested her cd vocals on the FF dvd instead of the pre-recorded ones used that night
  4. if that's Britney, then the one next to her is her POM dancer...
  5. Tom's Diner, no vocoder

    Tom's Diner >>> Slumber Party
  6. recorded using her Blackberry Pearl 8100 in her kitchen
  7. i'm sure it'll be the backdrop for JT's halftime show
  8. Rumour - Uk tour dates

    that's the same dude who takes other people's POM videos and puts his tag on them so...
  9. cuz they couldn't carry the 300 gallons of water overseas
  10. if we're choosing award performances, these would be mine (no order):
  11. Womanizer POM STUDIO VERSION

    better than the real POM version
  12. Britney's middle finger

    inappropriate to flip the bird but completely appropriate to be half naked throughout the whole show
  13. Dancing for Britney must not pay a lot

    if they seem unreliable, they most likely are
  14. Dancing for Britney must not pay a lot

    don't know what worse - that you're stalking the lotto dude's IG or that willie sent that
  15. How have I been sleeping on this track?!

    it's a song she wrote when she was ordering KFC through the phone, but she couldn't decide what to order so the employee wanted to hang up so she could call later when she's made a decision