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  1. Donkey Kong 64 (Update, again!)

  2. Britney: "i guess, ok let's do it" **rehearsal starts** **halfway through the 1st song** Britney:
  3. OMG

  4. Nostalgia-ney, new insta post

    2002 Grammys
  5. Recycleney

  6. Recycleney

    yes i'm reaching, yes i'm bored so enjoy anyway
  7. I was at the gym earlier today, where I normally wear my wireless headphones, and as soon as Body Ache came on Spotify the headphones went to say "Low battery" I took that as a sign to turn it off for the greater good
  8. Even my technology knows what's up

    it's not in my library , i just search for the "Britney Workout" playlist that 's there. I guess we'll have to sign a petition for the user to remove it
  9. Recycleney

  10. Janet Jackson liked Britney post on Instagram

    I guess she's doing the BOMT Tour medley again without Material Girl
  11. Personally probably enjoy it since she can see that currentney has found a better work/life balance When it comes to the craft...well.... Primeney sees her: Currentney responds:
  12. well at least no one here is bashing her face
  13. Met Gala 2018?

    (impeccable photoshop )