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  1. 1999ney being mature and well-spoken

    after being rejected by other labels
  2. POM on the road again?

    looking forward to bumping this tread
  3. Expectation vs Reality

    I remember bringing this game here years ago, and I'm bored so let's do it again Expectation Reality Expectation Reality
  4. nobody even remembers what the chorus for Bad Romance is
  5. John Early sings My only wish on TV

    because i don't hate exhale
  6. justice for mood ring

  7. John Early sings My only wish on TV

    that's the only live performance we'll have of that song
  8. John Early sings My only wish on TV

    she just lip syncs to 20 year old vocals
  9. Why do people not like HIAM MV?

    If only this had happened with Make Me
  10. Why do people not like HIAM MV?

    same reason why I don't like Slumber Party - the content is too childish though I do like SP's beat
  11. well Britney was always known as a trendsetter back in her prime so
  12. I called mine Glorious ntro (Snippets of Private Show) DO YOU WANNA COME OVER IF I'M DANCING (with IAS4U breakdown) TOY SOLDIER PERFUME/ JUST LUV ME Invitation - Interlude mixed with MAN ON THE MOON LOVE ME DOWN AND THEN WE KISS/ I'M A SLAVE 4 U TOXIC Coupure Electrique - Interlude RADAR GIMME MORE/ BREAK THE ICE/ PIECE OF ME SLUMBER PARTY Band Intro BETTER HOLD ON TIGHT Clumsy - Interlude HOW I ROLL JUST LIKE ME (REMIX) UNUSUAL YOU Change Your Mind - Interlude WOMANIZER LIAR CRIMINAL Dancers Intro - Greatest Hits (BOMT, OIDIA, Overprotected, Everytime, Circus, HIAM) I WANNA GO WORK BITCH/ TILL THE WORLD ENDS Encore MAKE ME
  13. Expectation vs Reality

    Expectation Reality
  14. Expectation vs Reality

    Expectation Reality
  15. Expectation vs Reality

    you bumped this
  16. Watch || New Ig Video

    yup, that is literally what i said verbatim, you can clearly read it
  17. Watch || New Ig Video

    the equipment is just an enhancer, that's like saying that food taste good cuz of the stove that was used
  18. Britney Confessions

    First time I saw the Radar video in 2009 I thought MTV was just doing a re-run of her past videos Between 2005-2011 I was more distant with Britney and more focused on other things, so I was out of the loop for the specifics so I obviously didn't know Radar was included in Circus as well.