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  1. Britney: "i guess, ok let's do it" **rehearsal starts** **halfway through the 1st song** Britney:
  2. Anyone else worried about her face?

    imo it doesn't look good, but it ain't my face so that's all on her and her self-perception
  3. Was this ever confirmed to be fake?

    as real as Britney's live vocals on POM

    wow this has 20+ posts than I anticipated
  5. watch it be a Selena gomez track
  6. no wonder she was doing all those instagram runway videos!!! she was rehearsing for this!!
  7. it was because later she lost it and that's how she started going out of control but at least she came back stronger than ever when she performed Circus at the 2008 VMAs
  8. She just looked beautiful and just killed it on stage That heartfelt moment when she talked about her pregnancy and her newborn son at the time Those christina-who riffs When she had to turn around because she got emotional while singing Just the overall raw feel while she performed You can't also deny the fans in the audience loving it No wonder she won 8 Grammys that year for the song
  9. New Britney Leak Coming Soon?

    POM is shaking
  10. well yes I have...I watched TRL live when I'd come home for school everyday. I remember MTV making it a big deal before they aired the Making The Video episode cuz it's the "hottest Britney's every looked"
  11. well it was a history making moment, I mean that's what got all the paparazzi go crazy on her
  12. that's sad but at least she released I've Just Begun solely in Malaysia around that time so at least you got to enjoy that video
  13. Recycleney

    yes i'm reaching, yes i'm bored so enjoy anyway
  14. Toxic was so different when it came out....

    Britney had to fight to release Toxic as a single since the label wanted Boom Boom I knew Toxic would be a good choice the minute the released the snippet of the song on her website