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    haven't you seen her dance this year? lol
  2. Top 5 | Britney

    i actually like the original version, i blame it on Britney for performing it on every tour playing dust to better songs
  3. Top 5 | Britney

    hard for somebody to sing about being Overprotected when you're under a conservatorship in the meantime she can sing nonsense songs like Boys that holds no substance
  4. Crazy promo

  5. i know! who knew Nick Lachey would make a good feature for the song there
  6. Crazy promo

    Something I never understood was that Britney never promoted the Stop remix single in the US, she always performed the album version even on tour I think she only did the remix outside the US a handful of times Maybe she hated it then....and maybe likes it now since that's the POM version? Discuss
  7. yes it was cool seeing as a backdrop on Someday her kids from being born til they were college aged, it would make anyone sad
  8. you're right. Come On Over was on the Oops Tour after performing Someday
  9. .... i remember Toxic on the DWAD tour, that was just after performing Come On Over