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  1. not more awkward than Slave "all you people look at me like i'm a little girl"
  2. Secret Project?

    how? it's called The Greatest Showman, not Average Event
  3. Expectation vs Reality

    Expectation Reality
  4. i did from like 2005-2011 i know she had albums and such, but wasn't really following her anymore at the time for specifics. i decided to focus on other things and the way she was handling life back in 2004-2005 I wasn't fond of it. After hearing HIAM on the radio that the dj said it was Britney, I got curious so I started following her again but differently since I've grown and interests change.
  5. 1999ney being mature and well-spoken

    after being rejected by other labels
  6. POM on the road again?

    looking forward to bumping this tread
  7. nobody even remembers what the chorus for Bad Romance is
  8. John Early sings My only wish on TV

    because i don't hate exhale
  9. John Early sings My only wish on TV

    that's the only live performance we'll have of that song
  10. John Early sings My only wish on TV

    she just lip syncs to 20 year old vocals