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  1. Dark.Knight

    music KIIS talked about britney and mariah collab!

    they also said that they read it from Exhale
  2. Dark.Knight

    other Harry Styles asked about favorite Britney Spears song

    if you swap those song choices you'd be correct
  3. a BH backpack? I can see it now they're a cool design though
  4. did you guys see that twitter announcements?!?! that radio deal?!?! they've been playing Apple Pie all day on the radio stations here! they even announced that Britney's working on a remix for it Apple Pie (Froot Loops Mix) ft. Miranda Sings
  5. Dark.Knight

    tour Closest Thing We'll Ever Get To POM Tour Rehearsal.....

    shoulder shrugging...the new knee tapping
  6. no they didn't, the reach