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  1. Britney's middle finger

    This is actually fascinating
  2. Britney tweet goes viral (sorrt if AP)

    This really touches my heart
  3. Britney tweet goes viral (sorrt if AP)

    For me she will always be the Queen of Instagram
  4. but but pat pat Nevermind my magic words.
  5. Insert a song you are thankful for.

    or maybe just good vibe to be exact.... it just has that goodness to it
  6. Insert a song you are thankful for.

    I am thankful for Chester Bennington... LP............, https://open.spotify.com/album/7j01w8Vi8FlP9BsOHWXjyf
  7. Insert a song you are thankful for.

    This is a good mood you're getting into with this song, I am certain
  8. I'd confess that I saw these pics already & I didn't see it from this perspective, but I can't open my mouth. there is too much confetti in my mouth. Oh! Nevermind, I typed it in.
  9. What do you think about polyamory??

    it is not a serious thread BUT I DO EXPECT A SERIOUS ANSWER jk
  10. Slave is closer to the 100 million views!!!!

    Ooh La La is one of my mellow drugs and I am happy to see it doing so right.. Going strong Ooh La La , we cä hit that heaven!
  11. She should sing the National Anthem sometime...

    In this case, America = blessed ,, whether they'd know it or not
  12. I NOW LOVE THE 2:14 : 2:15 I watched it again in the master quality too
  13. New IG post - Queen Of Sayayins

    Truly outstanding in my world
  14. Lady Gaga to sing the official World Cup 2018 anthem ?

    Hopefully shaking in the making
  15. Pop Emergency! Meghan Trainor's New Album Is Complete

    I hope it stays to be as funny as her previous one