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  1. I found Britney Spears...

    ... in a self-help article http://www.radicallyenlightened.com/the-untamed-self-an-introduction-to-the-shadow/ in a picture form!
  2. I don't know! Are they?
  3. It is good to think about the positive side too. *Puts a positive looking visual of POM into mind*
  4. BTS arrive in Los Angeles and people go crazy!

    They sometimes almost have the long workout pants as their clothes, but do not look cheap with them. Amazing. In my opinion, it is easy to put on "sports pants" and look cheap. Just saying - have you ever seen a man with these kind of pants as their everyday item and it looks realllly baddd??
  5. Tove Lo - Blue Lips

    I wonder why Jordan didn't publish news about it :P
  6. Tony Bennett Hints At New Lady Gaga Collaboration

    I did a quick search. This is from an album where all three are represented and this seems to show promise to be one of these tracks where all three are combined. Because of its repetitive progression, I ALMOST feel like it was a little in an electronic genre too.
  7. Glory's album sales are embarrassing

    Are you a sexual masochist?
  8. One perspective, lines along one (Britney) could have thought, could be: "What is so crazy about shaving the head?" "People do it all the time."
  9. BTS arrive in Los Angeles and people go crazy!

    They do korean pop music and dance smooth routines. I think they are well trained in what they do Talented as well. Maybe not legends but still talented.
  10. Nicki's version of Touch Of My Hand I guess
  11. Imagine this Ellen thinking: "Let's have Nicki have a solo threesome." I mean... she is not that deranged. Out of those two only Nicki can be!
  12. Tove Lo's new album /BLUE LIPS/ OUT NOW!!!

    @breatheheavy Did you do an article on Tove Lo's new album, did I miss?
  13. Listen on Spotify! https://open.spotify.com/album/3nB6kz45Z9N6MU8uYghdev
  14. Omg britney’s worst picture is going viral

    and then every once in a while things like "Toxic real voice" and people literally comment: "I would want to say something bad about it, but it is actually good"
  15. Omg britney’s worst picture is going viral

    https://www.instagram.com/ellentvshow/?hl=he ? It is a private account. I don't follow ha
  16. But that's hilarious xD Now, if Nicki was driven by the wish to be a serious rap artist, that would be a whole different story
  17. Did James Corden Avoid Shading Britney?

    It is an uncomfortable question to answer too. I wouldn't have wanted to answer it for selfish reasons .
  18. thank you for enlightening me
  19. I like BTS so far. At first I didn't get DNA, but it is okay and they seem to have even a lot more in them. They seem like decent guys! Looking forward to AMA's
  20. Yes, it is just the way he says it that seems outrageous, but nothing wrong said. In a way he says it in a way that is provocative lol. Well ALMOST
  21. The second quote actually makes me laugh. The way he describes this phenomena with such an easy elegance. The phenomena is really ridiculous.
  22. Sometimes I hate it, sometimes I like it. I could somehow say that it has a place in my heart
  23. Tove Lo's new album /BLUE LIPS/ OUT NOW!!!

    Unless some bad trolling happened there, I don't see the right of deleting it. different opinions need to be discussed. Of course as I saw it already got a little heated, there was some heated "feminism" discussion and also enabling the young women who sleep for career. Still, I see a little heat as normal :P Raw honesty goes a long way sometimes when it is not gone too far. Maybe some people got even more outrageous though